How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting Christina Carlyle

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Discover How to Lose Weight Fat Fast Without Diet or Exercise
with the 1 Simple Tip and the Tools you need to lose fat without dieting or exercising.

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Kimberley Petersen says:

Really thanks

Sylvia Fisher says:


Tracy haga says:

I do really well at work and only eat me food I bring to work. I eat breakfast before I go to work about 6:30 and then have an am snack (usually 28 almonds (1serving)) around 10:30 and eat lunch (salad w/4-5oz protein) around 12:30-1 pm and then an afternoon snack around 3-3:30pm (fruit or triple zero yogurt). When I get home I try to workout about 4days a week (if the weather is nice I will take a brisk 20 walk on my lunch break) then clean up and fix dinner by 5:30-6pm. My husband is always buying sweet (unhealthy) snacks and leaves them out on the counter. I try to avoid them, but sometimes I can't. I track my food and try to eat no more the 25g of sugar. Since I had surgery 16 months ago I have lost 30lbs but I seem to be unable to lose any more. I am 48 and 5'2". I would like to lose another 10-15lbs. Can you help me Christina Carlyle?

Ashley Calderon says:

Are you gonna only lose pounds or also get skinny? Can this work for the rest of the body like legs or arms? I hope this works cuz I weigh 120 and I'm a kid is that normal?

jamierra Pollard says:

hank u so much

Bell Reyes says:

How about when your never hungry

Papp Berny says:

I'm going to the fridge like every 10 minutes,but just to check out the fridge and I'm not eating anything …

random crazYness says:

you are so beautiful

Rechelle19 Hamases says:

christina please help me eat less

jazzy says:

I have 2 questions,
I'm going to start this challenge and how long will it take to see results, and how can you tell what # your on like you feel like a +3 but your really -1?

The Realist95 says:

subscribe and thumbs up phenomenal video

Eleanor Styles says:

Can i drink water?

taka taka says:

i have noticed that when i eat in a state of "rumbling tummy" hungry i feel like that food went to the right place and i can totally forget about food for a long time! This happens only when i am occupied with something and suddenly my tummy noises remind me i have to eat! For example in an excursion/traveling or shopping at a mall i forget about food and only reminded by real hunger that feeling of satisfying that hunger is the best thing ever!

Ashley Bader says:

Can you eat a midnight snack before bed cause I eat Raman noodles every night but eat one package of it and I eat it slowly while it make you gain weight if you eat before bed.

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