How to Get Shredded Abs Without Dieting (Weight Loss MOTIVATION for Men & Teenagers to Build Muscle)

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loontech channel says:

This works not just for physique but for life as well. Just focus on the end product and feel the happiness u will achieve

munni ghaun says:

It would be a shame for you not to lose body
fat while other typical people are able to lose weight easily using
Fenoboci Diet Plan (do a google search).

Mini Bubblegum says:

don't bug

Nightcore Creationz says:

I don't have any equipment (not even a pull up bar). I want to get stronger (not bigger) for athletics. Are there any really good bodyweight excersises i could do that would enable me to run faster?

Shavaiz Malik says:


Guus Keunen says:

get a fucking shovel and keep digging down, bro how do you come up with this good shit?

Mike_Zilla says:

Saeed, I just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge inspiration to me. Your motivation kept me going to limits I never imagined. Your motivation got me to lose over 40 pounds and I will continue to improve and be inspired by you. Please keep doing what your doing. Thank you

TheSunnycal says:

Your right Bro,all i have in this world is my word & my balls and i don't break them for nobody.

paul moser says:

Your'e a maniac! Love it!

TearsOFHeaven94 says:

It's unbelievable how great you are at talking man, you say "I use happines" and I can instantly feel it bro. Had two double check whether there is some sneaky background music or edit to change my mood, but nah. It's all real, it's all you just like in all your other vids no edit just raw Saed. It's just incredible. Felt like I had to tell you that 😀

Devante Chism says:

Just what I was looking for👌😰

Min Young Kim says:

what is YOUR specific workout plan

The Holistic Superhuman says:

Make a commitment and fuckin STICK TO IT

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