how to lose weight fast without dieting or exercising

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Attention women who are sick n’ tired of bustin’ their butt to drop a pant size:

“In 7 days, I’ll Show You How To Drop 10 Pounds Without Changing Anything You Eat So You Can Ditch Dieting For Good, Slip Effortlessly Back Into Your Skinny Jeans, And Have A Freakin’ Blast Living Your Life…”

My weight loss system allowed me to lose weight (and keep it off!) without giving up my favorite foods, spending more time on the treadmill or drinking juice for 3 days straight.

If you could wave a magic wand and lose 10 pounds without changing anything you eat, what would your life look like?

Here are a few ideas: 
(It’s okay — indulge in ALL the possibilities, even if they seem nuts)

A closet full of clothes that fit you and make you feel sexy, divine and fabulous
Happiness knowing you can eat the foods you love
Being showered with compliments and people begging to know what you’ve been doing
Freedom to attend parties, events and happy hours while you continue to slim down
Catching your reflection and saying, “Damn, I look good.”
Rockin’ videos and speaking gigs as the poster child for your business
Brain space to plan a Caribbean vacation, just you and your husband
Lightheartedness to have fun, play and run around alongside your children

Losing weight and keeping it off for good isn’t just about what you eat or how much you exercise.

In fact, you probably already eat relatively healthy and are frustrated searching for the missing pieces that will make the number on the scale go down.

You’re in the right place if you’re…

Frustrated because you feel like you already eat well but you’re not losing weight
Disgusted with your muffin top at the top your jeans
Embarrassed that you can’t fit into 75% of the clothes in your closet
Disappointed that you exercise regularly and still jiggle in places you don’t want
Deprived from NEVER being allowed to eat your favorite foods
Guilty when you cheat and fall off track

Here are just a few of the amazing results you’ll be celebrating after you drop 10 pounds:

Dancing in your skinny jeans as they slip on with ease
Being ecstatic at seeing the number on the scale drop
Indulging in your favorite foods without gaining a pound
Tapping into your daily dose of glowing confidence
Freeing yourself from weight gain worries
Stopping stress eating once and for all



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chi chi chi says:

"i get to smoke blow and swallow" lmaoooooo

Qutie Q says:

Too funny! So many quotable lines.

Alica Bowling says:

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lamar807 says:

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Mike Jokis says:

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Lili DG says:

You look like Katty perry

Stephanie James says:

Oh my gosh you are laugh out loud funny. I watched twice and could NOT stop laughing! You could be on SNL girl!

Francey Marzicola says:

This makes me laugh. You are taking weight loss out of the box and making it real. Love it.

Joanne Ameya Cohen says:

You are hilarious!! Thank you for sharing your genius! XO

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