How to Lose Weight Without WORKING OUT!

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Hello everyone! in this video i talk about how i lost weight without working out at all!! i show my before and after pictures and i give some tips on what i did!

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what i eat in a day:

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You're so prettyyyyy💕

julia stic says:

How much time did it take you to lose 20 lbs?

Владимир Хомицевич says:

Элли ты очень красивая девушка мне очень нравится!!!

overkill2006 says:

Wow Anamya looks great in her before and after pictures.

Julieta M says:

I lost 20 pounds too ! I did it with exercise (an hour of day of aerial dance), not eating after 7pm and eating a lot of small portions throught the day. I didn't really drink much water nor eat healthy but I mean it sort of worked, I still wanna loose like 5 to 7 pounds (:

Jovanni Francis says:

If you wish to slim down, you should search Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine. They'll make it easier to get the body you need.

Asian Orphan says:

everybody is beautiful, but i think if you have confidence, you'll be even more beautiful

Asian Orphan says:

very off topic, but am i the only one that thinks she looks like selena gomez and cardi b merged into one person?!

Ellen Casey says:

Hello there, have you thought about this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My friend says it helps people lost plenty of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed a lot of great review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

Björn M. says:

Compliment Beautiful🦋
🎁=Abo For You😉
Lovely Greets From Germany🌍Here.

Kermit's Tea says:

I know this old but how long did it take to lose the weight plz answer I rrl need it

Kermit's Tea says:

But how long does it take cause I'm going to Mexico in a couple of months and I'm trying to get that body so I can post pls respond I know I'm late pls thou lots of love💕😩😬

bubsnikki says:

so basically instead of dieting or anything like that she just made lifestyle changes. She started eating healthy, drinking water, etc. tbh lifestyle changes like that are always better because they are meant to be forever instead of a diet that is just temporary and hard on your body

Sinan Köprü says:


Roleplay Rats says:

I know it's like no exercise and stuff, but walking a bit each day helps you a lot!

Łåîłå says:

I finish my day at 9 so I kinda have to eat then but I don't eat that much anyway

Juli Nicholson says:

Thank you so much💝💖💗💕

Ashes & Mahi says:

Her voice is sooooo soothing…

i died says:

You're literally perfect

꧁Ashton꧂ ̖́ says:

Straight to the point 👍

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