Can Teens do Fasting?

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed fasting for teenagers. Excess insulin is so harmful and unhealthy. For teenagers, start with skipping the breakfast and consume food at 12 noon and 6 o’clock to have an 18 hour fasting period. Healthy ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting have so many benefits like better cognitive function, elevation of mood, weight loss and skin health.

Healthy Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting
• Eat lots of greens and provide nutrients
• Do it a longer period of time
• Fasting will NOT stunt growth – It increases growth hormones by 1300 percent in women and up to 2,000 percent in men.
• Not reducing calories but reducing frequency of eating

Important Nutrients:
• Electrolytes
• B Vitamins
• Sea Salt

So I had another question, is it okay for a teen to do fasting? Let’s cover this and sometimes you hear some negative things about it like “Oh my gosh, no you don’t want to deprive teenagers of carbohydrates because this reason or that reason”. That is totally not true. Like you really want to keep your teens consuming a lot of carbohydrates so we can keep excessive amounts of insulin up? There’s so much harm that happens when you raise your insulin way above normal. It’s very unhealthy. So, anytime someone says something negative or is a naysayer, ask them about the dangers of insulin, why aren’t they focusing on that. So this is what I would recommend to start out with any teen – you start off with just skipping the breakfast. Usually when you ask a teen, are you hungry when you wake up for breakfast a lot of times they’ll say no. Well then, don’t eat. Go as long as you can, work up to it gradually to the point where you just skip the whole breakfast and then you will have other people that say, “Well, no breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you have to eat it.” And i’m like, whoever told you that? Well okay, guilty – I’ve actually was in my first book but I found that that was not a good idea. So you do want to skip the breakfast, this is not the most important meal of the day. Si if you had your teen consume food at 12 and then at 6, that would give them an 18 hour fasting period. That would be huge and that would give them so many benefits, cognitive function, elevation of mood if they have anxiety or depression it’ll bring them right up, they’ll lose weight, heir acne will go away, I wish I would have known about this when I was a teenager, I had a really bad acne. I didn’t know what to do. I just thought that I just need to scrub the skin harder with soap, that advice didn’t work. But you want to make sure you do it healthily, you don’t want to just do fasting, you want to do healthy keto with fasting. You don’t want to just eat junk food. You want to do lots of greens to provide the nutrients, huge salads. Realize that you’re not starving your teen, you would have to really have them do it a longer period of time and not give them an nutrients so that’s not happening. Then the next question is, will it stunt their growth.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, 52 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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TheFuriousH2O says:

It's kinda hard to do since your parents are brainwashed and thinked doing this method would kill you and force you to eatt and ruining your weight loss goals.

ineedalogo says:

No they shouldn’t
The reason: they’ll get eating disorders, they will get tried ( when they need to be energetic )
Why tell them to fast if they dont want to?
Just keep a healthy diet and active lifestyle
Not just a secret in the timing in meals and when u eat
Just remember what teens should be focusing on
Is to develop and grow.

ChroniX_Tactic says:

Could you make a video on how to eat recommended amount of calories in a keto diet for teen

ChroniX_Tactic says:

I would like to know if it’s suitable for a 13 year old me and my parents do not want me to eat 2 meals but 3(during eating window) is it ok??

Aaima Uddin says:

I'm 13 and it's my religion 😂

Mike Hunt says:

His voice is so calming .

Sebby says:

Can fasting help me grow taller ? Im 14

Beanca Valdez says:

Im 14 and i do 16/8 fasting. At morning i jog for 30 mins and do chloe tings workout after.

r1Mas says:

I have never felt hungry in the normal, i always forced myself to eat and found it weird. Now i know why. Goodbye, breakfast

_Jejeyah_ says:

So it's okay to fast for us teens? It will not stunt our growth? I've started fasting when I was 14 and I was today 15 when I found out it will stunt my growth and I'm now afraid to continue fasting 😂

Radha Suter says:

Sir Can I do Intermittent fasting??

yelene leon says:

Fasting helps u grow taller …… me wanting to be shawty …
Me: yeah no

sradhanjali rath says:

My boy is now 6 yr old and he never feel hungry when he woke up .so should i let him skip his breakfast is it ok for his age?

Sm4sher 45 says:

I can't fast because i live with my grandmother. It will make her sad if i didn't eat the food that she made, she even thought that i disrespected her.

hii ! says:

Is it safe to do this since I'm a 12 year old girl nearly 13

Kamper cat says:

Could u do this and exercise too

Crystq1 says:

Me: Can teens do fasting? Hmm searches it up and clicks on this video while fasting

Ad: >:) *shows pizza and french fries

Me: Oh no…

Esmeralda Hernandez says:

My family thinks I’m mental when i say I’m going on a seven day fast…but don’t make a peep if i eat pizza for breakfast.

IceMurder R says:

Does this stop growth or what?

Dumb Shit says:

So its basically fine for teenagers to do fasting? I mean we are still growing doesn't that affect us?

Akshay Kumar T P says:

iam 20 years old , I need to loose chest and belly fat . Will it help
can i eat rice meal twice a day during non fasteing period ?

Aaron Römer says:

i was asking myself this question a lot. Thanks for answering!

skidadle ghostidadle says:

im 15 and just did my first 24 hour fast. i dont know if i was supposed to but i drank my elctrolytes kept hydrated and did light exercise. i feel fine and i broke it with fats and protein. hopefully i did everything right

LordGlider says:

So will my height stop I wanna keep getting growing

Convair says:

I really want to do this to grow taller. I’m a 5’1 male and almost 15 years old. If I go through with this diet will I grow significantly taller?

Luke Smith says:

So do you eat between 12-6 or you eat at 12 and at 6?

Elitsa Ivanova says:

I'm very overweight for a trrnage girl, so I am starting fasting. I hope it helps me lose weight

Brandon Villatoro says:

skip breackfast every day???

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