How to Lose Weight | 10 Tips To Lose Weight | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts

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10 Tips To LOSE WEIGHT | Easy | Lifestyle, Diet and Workouts | Training | Resistance Training | HIIT Cardio | Fat Burning | Sustainable

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my lê vũ huyền says:

I go to bed at 1 a.m and wake up at 7-7:30 am. I can’t sleep more. Is that ok? I wake up by myself, no need alarm.

Elizabeth Varghese says:

Is sleeping late and getting good hours of sleep the same as sleeping early and getting good hours of sleep 🤔

Emma Akesson says:

Chloe: “Don’t eat out as much”
Me: Eating In-N-Out

Zoë Mohapatra says:

i love how you seems a lot happier, now after 3 years 🙂

nivetha sivakumar says:

I am doing three of ur workout videos at the same time ,is that correct?? You are the best .Your workouts are so helpful for me 😂😊😊 Best workouts in the universe .

Lilly Hare says:

Hi I was wondering where you bought your work out mat? I can't find a good, cheap one anywhere. Thank you!

6_ Mitra says:

I dont own weights 😔

MochiPiano모치피아노 says:

Im going to listen to everything you say. Until I look like a fricking model you are going to be my second mother.

Pearly Fan says:

13,trying to lose weight….

Ga paligya Prutas kag puto says:

Ate chloe can you do "smell like a snack" in your next video thanks ❤️

Nehir Çalışkan says:

I want to share sth with you. I'm studying in a high school now. My height is about one hundred sixty centimeters and weight is about 54-55 kilos. When I was in 8th grade, I didn't care about food and ate lots of fast food. I just eat whatever I want and gain lost of kilos ( was 58 kilos ). When summer comes, I decided to go on a diet and lost 4 kilos. In whole summer, I nearly didn't eat any chocolate or sth. But when the high school started, my desire to eat started again and ate more than in the summer. But there is a contradictoriness in my mind. I want to lose weight and look fit but at the same time, I wanna eat more and more…. I argue in my mind; one side in my mind says don't extra food or chocolate and the other side says eat whatever you want as long as you are happy. For some days in a week, I can limit myself but the rest of the week I fail to myself. Sometimes I really need to someone to motivate me. I'm not having anorexia but I always have contradictoriness in my mind and can't escape from it. If you take few minutes to read it and write some suggestions,you I would really appreciate. Thank you 💕

Natalia Stornello says:

1. I try to drink 8 glasses of water per day and it really helps!
2. I try to go to bed around 9pm every night so I can wake up at 5:30am to work out
3. I try to eat vegetables 2-3 times per day!! Especially my greens
4. Ever since I started my weight loss journey, I definitely try to eat less and if I do I order a salad or something light
5. I’ve given up ALL processed food b/c I want to avoid the added fat
6. I try to steer clear of pasta b/c I tend to overeat b/c carbs don’t make me feel full
7. I always measure out my food before I eat to make sure I’m not eating too much or too little
8. I do your workouts all the time and I love getting my sweat on
9. I lift 2lb weights b/c my arms are HUGE and I don’t like it!!😫
10. I used to vacuum but now I clean the bathroom😂

Nabi Hdez says:

I looooove all your tips!! 🥰

Emma Hendrickson says:

High cortisol is making me gain weight 🙁

deanne goodfellow says:

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Om Awatade says:

Hi how to height increase

Katri Pitkänen says:

Youtubers like you need are more

KiyaNicole says:

Omg everything matches in this video. So aesthetically pleasing 💙

Emma Hendrickson says:

How often do you work out and for how long to keep ur awesome bod?

Cha Cha Sushi 66 says:

I can't wait for your next videos

ELLA _ says:

Lol I understand it's so confusing living in Australia. Many people on YouTube live elsewhere and it's so confusing when they're doing summer vids and your in winter…

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