How to reduce 10kgs in 10 days from home | Fitness | Chapter 1 | Think Ink

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Stay healthy stay young.’

Regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. It improves respiratory, cardiovascular health, and overall health. Staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight

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Nalina Devi says:

Superb sir….good work… keep rocking…🤘

Devibhuvaneshwari Jeevan says:

I have joined Vicky's TRX in 2016 and I have lost 20 kgs and surprisingly still iam maintaining the same weight thank you sir for your easy workouts and motivation that makes me to achieve my target

Nithya Balaji says:

Vicky's TRX is the best way of workout to lose and to maintain your physique. Everyday is a challenge for us to complete the workout given to us. Our health has been improved in a lot of better ways and we are getting energetic day by day. Thank you sir

Purnima Vinoth says:

Vicky's trx is the best weight loss centre for women and your workouts and ur way of training are awesome.. I lost 12 kgs with ur guidance.. I have pcod problem ,backpain and now it completely cures .. Keep going and all the best👍

akshu Akshaya says:

Sir this is very useful tips for all.I have lost upto 18 KGS within 4months ,with your guidance and healthy diet. I had pcod problem past 2years , but now it's cured because of your trx training. Thank u so much sir..

Pranavya Prabhakaran says:

Good job 👍 great workout 💪 all the best

suganya gayathri says:

Physical Education makes us stronger and life longer.. ThankS for your Guidance sir..
The best in Vicky’s TRX is that individual attention is given to each n every member… Keep Rocking 👏🏻

Geetha Dhinesh says:

I can feel the difference after joining Vicky's Trx and I have reduced 7kgs in 2 months. But if i would have followed ur diet and exercise properly results would have been far more.

This video will be help full for others to take up a step towards fitness.

Keep going sir!! 💪


This is really awesome!! Thank you sir !! Workouts are really helpful in maintaining the body fitness!! Keep rocking

Mansur Ali says:

Very nice! Keep rocking, all the best.

elakkiya Selvi says:

Sir, Sema 👍keep rocking 👍

kaviya mohan says:

Hi sir, i think its so helpfull to me to loss my weight quickly . I am experienced in ur workout because I lose my weight upto 20kg in 3month with your guidance.but I am not able to continue my class because of my studies … Thank you sir keep going onwards I follow ur tips and start my weight loss journey again…..😊

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