NO GYM! Extreme Fat Loss Workout DAY-2 (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Day 2 of the Shredded in 10 Series at Home. Remember these are advance workouts, if you are having trouble doing these exercises then you should follow our at 100 day at home fat loss series, the link for that is below.

Some exercises we do: Squats, bicep curls, Arnold press, skull crushers, push ups, Hammer curls, tricep kick backs, front and side raises, squat jumps, mountain climbers, planks,

We got a lot of request from people how to shred their fat to show their abs or to simply lose fat. To tone the muscle and get rid of the excess fat to show those cuts and toned muscles than this is the series for you. We have another series for fat loss as well which men and women can follow, and this can be followed by men and women as well. You also have to ensure to build the muscle under the fat in order to see the cuts. If you don’t have muscles underneath then you’ll just look like a skeleton. We have other weight training series to build the muscles underneath.
To start off, make sure you stretch, watch our stretching videos for basic stretches.
This is a 10 DAY SERIES, for each day, keep repeating each day for as long as you can before moving to the next day or until the day becomes easy for you, and once you complete the series repeat it again and keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it until that fat comes off.
Remember that to get rid of the fat, you got to follow a proper fat loss diet as well.
These are very advance moves and exercises, if you haven’t worked out before, you should start with our 100 day series at home even if you are a guy else you won’t be able to do these easily, once you finish that series then you can do this series.

This is a NO GYM REQUIRED EXTREME FAT LOSS Series for MEN and ADVANCE Women. If you are someone who can’t go to the gym, or doesn’t have time in their busy schedule to go to the gym, or don’t have a car, or the gym is too far, this series is definitely for you.

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Vegetarian and non vegetarian are both there.

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Nilesh Avhad says:

Bhai…. Diet kya karni hai ye 10 days me. Wo bhi bata do pls

imran akhtar says:

If one hand is week what to do to equalize the strength

Parth Sharma says:

love the way you motivate in a parody

vikas chaudhary says:

Love ur energy bro.. Keep talking.. 😉

BaBeR sHaHaNi says:

I love u bro

iamprateek789 says:

which supplement is best for shredded body ?

zubair butt says:

Ustad g I learnt a lot from uer videos and getting good results ,,,,,,,,,,

zaryab khan says:

can I continue with my daily workout

Tech talk says:

India's no 1 fitness channel

Gentle Man says:

Smashed the like button. Already subscribed. Amazing work out.

Gentle Man says:

Destroyed the like button.

Gentle Man says:

Best channel.

Jadhav N says:

Bhai thoda hindi jyada bola karo ye punjabi samaj nahi aati i am marathi i am from bombay (mumbai) hindi english is ok

nidhi bhati says:

This is awesome workout

Anshuman Dash says:

Day 3 Day 3

The Amazing World अद्भुत दुनिया says:

oye motu… tu fr se agya moturam

Rehan 23 says:

bade bhai jara slow bat kro yar…Konsi train bhagni he tumhari…bade bhai plz

Harsh bhargava says:

Kickass workout! Thanks for sharing!

danish marchhiya says:

home workout nice thx

Rohit sharma says:

Paji weak mai kithne bar kr sakthy h yai excise? ??

Manveer Argal says:

Ye gutne mile huye hote ho unko sai karne baali exersise bataao

Zeeshan Rahman says:

sir shoulder injury video plz plz

Ansari Pandaul says:

weight kam karne ke sujhav

yusuf ali says:

bhai ….you are the best trainer i have ever followed…and changed my body drastically….love you …RIP RESPECT ##heartly thanks to you and all your team :-))))))

vinay chowdary says:

внayya υr wнaтѕapp no. plzzz

Anil Nayar says:

Thanks, very good results by following your routines

sai KRISHNA says:

Does it work for mesomorph

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