High Intensity FAT LOSS WORKOUT! Day-5 (Hindi / Punjabi)

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Day 5 Shredded Series for Extreme Fat Loss. An advance fat loss workout. We start with warm-up and then work on a lot of high intensity exercises for the fat loss. Very advance workout, we are half way into this series. Remember you will do each day for a good time until you get use to it, so the series therefore can run different lengths depending on your body.

Some exercises we do for the fat loss workout:
Jumping Jacks, Steps, Side Planks, punches, fire feet, kick backs, overhead extension, Reverse Crunches, Battle Rope, Squat and press.

We got a lot of request from people how to shred their fat to show their abs or to simply lose fat. To tone the muscle and get rid of the excess fat to show those cuts and toned muscles than this is the series for you. We have another series for fat loss as well which men and women can follow, and this can be followed by men and women as well. You also have to ensure to build the muscle under the fat in order to see the cuts. If you don’t have muscles underneath then you’ll just look like a skeleton. We have other weight training series to build the muscles underneath.
To start off, make sure you stretch, watch our stretching videos for basic stretches.
This is a 10 DAY SERIES, for each day, keep repeating each day for as long as you can before moving to the next day or until the day becomes easy for you, and once you complete the series repeat it again and keep repeating it. Just keep repeating it until that fat comes off.
Remember that to get rid of the fat, you got to follow a proper fat loss diet as well.
These are very advance moves and exercises, if you haven’t worked out before, you should start with our 100 day series at home even if you are a guy else you won’t be able to do these easily, once you finish that series then you can do this series.

This is a NO GYM REQUIRED EXTREME FAT LOSS Series for MEN and ADVANCE Women. If you are someone who can’t go to the gym, or doesn’t have time in their busy schedule to go to the gym, or don’t have a car, or the gym is too far, this series is definitely for you.

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Vegetarian and non vegetarian are both there.

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Hussnain Abdul says:

I'm on advance level and want to lose fat

Hussnain Abdul says:

can we repeat day 1 to day 10 after then again day 1 to day 10 instead of repeating day 1 for one week?????

Mukesh Kumar says:

You said we can do these cardio exercises at home. But including in this series 100 Battle Ropes will require a visit to Gym!

Satwinder Brar says:

I sleep at morning 6 am and get up in the afternoon at 3.00pm nd mai workout time is evening at 6 pm i want my a

Prasanna Kumar says:

Any alternative to battle rope ?

Talha Khan says:

Asad Bhai ne one day me hi sari routine banai hats off Bhai

Villa Info says:

Yeah I've been following this but I feel this is fat loss based so If I do These workouts everyday I am missing my other major Muscles ..so is it okay ? ..should I just concentrate on my Fat and rest other Muscles like bicep back shoulder legs ?

bharat patel says:

Hey bros awesome serious is going on. I am planning to start in my workout. Please guide me how to set this fat loss workout with mine. Currently I train one day part and 1 day cardio in week.

rahul sirsat says:

Great job..but plz guide in hindi..itni fast English kuch samjh nahi aata.par apke tip bohat hi helpfully he..

Aniket Waghmare says:

bhai supplimant dinme kitne scoop lena chahiye mera w.50 kg he

sudhakar dayal says:

Bhai ye ritik bhai ki body natural h ya..steroids liye h ? Ya supliments bgra ??

Akshit Raj says:

Hello sir can you please a video how can one increase height for teenager..

Akki baisla says:

Awesome workout bro

Khalid Ansari says:

Bro can u give some tips to increase height plz

smita joshi says:

Hritik ke 8 packs wow 🙂


osm workout bro

Rukmani Verma says:

Sir why dont you make diet plan of mens as I m 18 years 0ld

mohiyuddin chanegaonkar says:

more videos plz

FuN TiMe says:

Hlo sir plz like AMD subscribe my channel friends and watch my all videoes freinds and i will back watch ur all videoes and i subscribe anD like ur channel friends.plz support mee because i am verypoor people friends.

A.T.M says:

And is rajma (kidney bean)good for bodybuilding?

A.T.M says:

Guys you are doing a great job. Can you do a video on diet plan? It will be quite helpful.

Truthful says:

When i Started Watch Yo Bro Channel there were 124k Subscribers & Now 791k●
Awesome Work Bro

diwakar garg says:

Bhaji make video about skipping

vishu goyal says:

sir is a exercise ke sath diet plan konsa use kre pls reply

Peace lover says:

Day 6 plzzz

Danish S D F Danish S D F says:

Think you sir

Heera burman says:

Bro. Ek sbal hai apse agar me workout me doran milck me egg shaike sapliment ke tarha pine she koi nuksaan to in hai (please ans. Fast)

SHINCHAN Xd! says:

Paji rope pulling bhot bhaaro khele aapne 💓💓💓💓💪💪💪

NaWab Dev says:

Bs ek hi swal itne tym se….ritik Bhai ki diet kya h….

juveriya siddiqui says:

Thank you so much

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