Fat Free Body Meal Plan Hindi / Lose 2Kg in a Day | Lose 20 Kgs in 1 Month

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Fat Free Body Meal Plan | Lose 2 Kgs in a Day | Lose 20Kg in One Month | Indian Meal Plan | PCOS / PCOD Meal Plan | Veg Diet Plan | Lose 2 Kilos | Lose 2Kg in 1 Day

Click this link to watch the video in English : https://youtu.be/MQDn4VmLuk8

Fat Cutter Salt Drink ( English ) : https://youtu.be/atBjBlltnm8
Fat Cutter Salt Drink ( Hindi ) : https://youtu.be/9620qUxNEM8

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Lose 10 kg in 10 days 900 Cal Egg Meal Plan
English – https://youtu.be/aGtwMA5_mUo
Hindi – https://youtu.be/BmUZlMmzXiw

Indian Meal Plan 900 Cal (ENGLISH) https://youtu.be/CgjfzLMmGV0
Indian Meal Plan 900 Cal (HINDI) https://youtu.be/fWEAebX5DZ8
Diabetes Meal Plan /PCOS – https://www.youtu.be/wiHW656mPKc
Veg Meal Plan – https://www.youtu.be/08b10HacTyE
Veg Meal Plan Hindi – https://youtu.be/KiU09rrtkRQ
Veg Meal Plan 2 – https://www.youtu.be/bhveWaXUW1I
Flat Belly Diet Plan – https://www.youtu.be/8GjXS8j9lNY
Raw Meal Plan – https://youtu.be/TIkTBjWJvj8
Flat Belly Diet Drink – https://youtu.be/7bXptNXoq28
Flat Belly Diet Drink Hindi – https://youtu.be/tBtZO-KLFak
Flat Belly Diet Drink 2 – https://youtu.be/Y4g6WQcgPJo
Ketogenic Diet – https://youtu.be/BlKj2aWp0F4
Pomelo 101 – https://youtu.be/cftFQf5EGf0

Weight Loss Tea in Hindi |10 दिन में पेट की चर्बी घटाए | Instant Belly Fat Loss Tea- https://youtu.be/S5P_WsvPNh4

Super Weight Loss Roti /Lose 5KG in a Month -https://youtu.be/dUp7VQLn2h0

Oats Recipe Indian For Weight Loss in Hindi Low Calorie Breakfast – https://youtu.be/-75zjsRdY8A

Fat Cutter Tea – https://youtu.be/vcK-LsniGa0

Please follow at your OWN discretion.


ratan Biswas says:

Mam ….I trying for loss my weight from last few years…But I never success ….I took lots diet plans from YouTube & Google …but no results ….But when I take ur diet plan from last 3 days…OMG….I really loss 6 KG weight just 3 days….Thank you so.much Madam..,,Your Chennel is great & you are great….

Priya Singh says:

Maam can i skip fat cutter drink and bottle ground juice.can we do this diet in winter also. please reply🙏

shafiq ahmad says:

Mother feed ye plan kar sakti han??pls rpy…

Jitu Kush says:

Di agar 5 kg km krna h tb kitne din tak lena h plzz di btao

Renu says:

Kya nursing mothers ise le sakte hai. I have 4 months old baby

Rukhsana Nawab says:

Madam pumpkin is not available in the whole market, can i use kaddu instead

Muhammad zeeshan says:

Breastfeeding mother follow krskti hyn ye diet plan? Plz ans me

Jyotsana Dhull says:

Which carrots to use orange or red(indian)…..plz do reply

bheem bhati says:

Pregnant lady kr sakti h is dite ko mam plz reply me aap is msg ka jaroor reply krna

Rahath Ali guy says:

can we take apple cider vinegar while taking this diet…? please give the reply

subhan sweetu says:

Lemon water without sugar k sath le skte he

Mathematika study Academy says:

Hi vickypedia ur diet plan is much useful to reduce weight. I lost 7 kg in just 11 days with workout of 2 hours. Plz suggest instead of bittergourd juice can we use aloveveera or alma juice????plz reply

sonu mavani says:

Today is my first day to see your video

Danger Mam says:

Bread nai kha sakte brown bread bhi nai? I mean brown bread is healthy na so

Life With Grace says:

Dear sis loki ka juice nuksan dah to nae utube pe bhut se videos me kaha jata Hai k nae aecha khatrnak Hai plz sis guide me ku k I trust u from bottom of my heart love from Pakistan

shaik hussain says:

Fat belly diet plan Ka link bhejiye.
Description me jo link hai wo open Nahi hora.

urvy doshi says:

Can a bp patient is allowed to take fat cutter salt water?? Kindly reply

Sana Khan says:

Please tell me if anyone try this meal plan

Reshma Shaik says:

Can v use omega seeds in this diet

Kumari Upasana says:

Black coffee to le skte h naa

Sharon's luv dairies says:

Can you help me

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