The 5 BEST Fat Burning Exercises FOR MEN! (LOSE WEIGHT FAST!)

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What are the best fat burning exercises for men? This brand new video will organize those exercise into a killer fat burning workout to show you how to lose weight fast…WITHOUT cardio.

These 5 fat burning exercises for men will also help you increase testosterone, leanness and mass. This is a protocol that helps me stay lean all year round and has been so effective that I built an entire program around it called Shredded In 6, which you can learn more about at the link below.


…How Would You Like An Entire Year’s Worth of Brief But Brutally Effective Non Cardio Fat Loss Workouts To Reveal A Shredded Physique Just Like the One You Just Watched?

If so, I’ve set up a private invitation link just for my YouTube fans:

This page may revert back to the full price without notice so grab Shredded In 6 while it’s fresh on your mind and if you’re serious about experiencing the best way to lose weight without wasting your life on a treadmill.

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Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practitioner
PIMST & FFT Certified
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Rodoo Lewo says:

Full of it, big talker

sgbcea says:

Great workout! Very taxing!

Ok ay says:

How many rounds

David Milord says:

Only once a week?

Aaron Chaltraw says:

Way harder than I thought it would be. No joke. Even with rest.

Sam Dehnad says:

You don't even look that good
What a tool

Ken Johnston says:

Love the video… Diet matters most in losing body fat: Keto or Low Carb High Fat diets! I'll do this workout! Thanks – Ken in Hawaii

Zippy Mo says:

This guy knows his shit. I did this workout for 7 weeks with a strict diet and lost 4 inches off my waist. I devolped more toned legs and arms.

Kushagra Dixit says:

I do them daily, is that ok or may cause injury?

Franklyn Barrymore says:

Hi, how much rest between rounds? Thanks

sarthak khanna says:

I have got a question will these exercise built muscles?? because I don't want that as a fat guy gaining muscles will look more fat plz reply

Mario Hello says:

1x a week? what else do I do the other days lol

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