#1 Fat Burning Tip – 10 Day Challenge

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# 1 Fat Burning Tip to reduce body fat and lose weight fast in just 10 days.
How to lose belly fat in 1 week? How to lose weight in 10 days? How to cut the fat from body at the fastest rate? If you are worried about these questions about fat loss, then. this video is for you.
In this video, I am going to share with you just one tip that will reduce the fat from your body at the fastest rate. Believe me, following this tip can take your weight loss journey to a whole new level. I will tell you why.
Let us briefly understand why do we get fat? When we eat in excess to what our body can utilise, it starts storing the excess in glycogen stores. And when the glycogen stores are full, it starts accumulating it in the form of fat. So, we will talk about just that one thing which will deplete the glycogen stores and tap the fat.
If you are someone who thinks that you have tried almost everything but this stubborn belly fat is not going off, you should try this. Or if you are someone who is extremely overweight and does not know where to start from, you should definitely try this.
The best thing about this tip is that it gives fast result, it is very easy to follow and then you need not spend even a single rupee.
For energy, our body first uses the glycogen stores then it moves on to the fat and then it goes to the muscles.
This is simple yet very effective way to cut fat from your body.
I challenge you to follow this tip for just 10 days. In a span of just 10 days, you will be able to see a striking difference in your appearance. You will see that the fat from your body is just getting melted down.

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Hema Mittal says:

Thanks for the info. I need guidance on what to have in low carb diet with IF. I was on keto n lost 8 kgs. But now I m doing IF but not with keto. How should I go about it. I don't want the weight or inches to come back. Kindly guide

Surya Shrivastava says:

I went from 115kg to 83 in 4 months with very little muscle loss

Azeem Azeem says:

I'm going to start this tip from very tomorrow and defiantly share my result with you
And my current weight is 68 ….
Hope for best

Sagar says:

bro thnks for this video…i do cardio daily 15-20 mins on empty stomach+ weights. But im struggling to burn that remaining last bit of belly fat after which my abs will be visible. Any change i should do in my cardio routine???

Papiya Ganguly says:

I can see the vuda kailashgiri behind, last november I had been to vizag and araku. We stayed at a hotel opposite to shibaji park.


are vhaiya yeh kahan pe shoot kiya gaya hain.

shagun raul says:

Ty so much for clear doubt


Sir can u speek hindi pl

xl-CalixLove-lx says:

Love this channel 👌

Raghav Kedia says:

Sir in your video for skinny fats you said you should do cardio only twice a week and that too you should do sprints or else you will lose muscle but in this video you said you will not lose muscle by doing cardio? Which one to follow?

Devendra Dhoot says:

What about someone who is planning to go to gym, should we have something like banana/apple before going for fat loss and muscle gain?

Neetu Singh says:

this actually works n works really well. u will b amazed to see the results.

Car Parick Guerrero says:

How about protein shake in the morning?

Ganesh Malunjkar says:

But tell us what to eat or what not or which are the healthy foods to eat during this period..

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