How to lose weight fast | 5kg in 7 days | for men and women | full diet plan to lose weight fast

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Full diet plan to loose weight. lose 5kg in 7 days . lose 5 kg in 1 week

This diet plan is for both men and women and you will surely loose 4-5kg weight in 7 days means in 1 week .

In this diet plan we will have 5 meals in our full day and don’t forget to drink 3-4 litres of water in a day

first start your day green tea

so the 5 meals are as follows or the full diet plan is as follows

1. Breakfast

In breakfast have oats or dalia . take one cup of oats/dalia . Add raw vegetables to it ( try to add green vegetables more ) and add water and boil it .

After 2 hours

2. (MEAL 2) – Snacks

have fruits oranges and apples will be the best as you will get vitamin c , fibres and minerals too

3. Lunch

have 1or 2 chapati , curd and salad

4. snacks

Have green tea and 2 oranges.

5. Dinner

have chapati and salad

with this diet plan you will surely lose 4-5 kg in 7 days

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