PCOS/PCOD Diet -Lose Weight Fast 10kgs In 10 Days -Indian Veg Meal Plan For Weight Loss

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Hello everyone here i am up with #mealplan to lose weight with #pcod #pcos that will help you
Manage this effectively ♥️
Well, research has shown that diet and lifestyle changes are more effective than medication in managing PCOS (1). It’s a big bold statement but one that is true.

So, we know that we need to change the way that we eat to improve our PCOS and its symptoms. We need a PCOS diet. But what should we be eating and avoiding?

To fully answer that, watch this video ♥️

I hope you will find it useful:)



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Please watch: “Secret Behind Achieving Your Goals Fast | Weight Loss Journey Motivation | Somya Luhadia”


Srinidhi Vasan says:

Thanks u sisy for this only I am waiting for an long thank you sisy 😍 😍 for this which I really need it sisy 😊 nope so 🤞 this will useful to me & all……… Love u sisy 🤩 & I forget to mention it ur shirt is awesome sisy 👍👌 👌 & which is really suits to u, & u r looking different in this sisy 😊😉 & can u please tell me about flaxseed, & green tea with ginger is ok for intake 😥

Sowjanya Gutta says:

this diet is suitable for pcod today can I start

Lavanyacs shalini says:

Witch green good

Kallola Chakraborty says:

Hello di…I stay in hostel and have been diagnosed with PCOS please make a diet plan that can be followed in hostel…coz in hostel I can't follow this..bdw thnx a lot..love from Ranchi

Ashiwini Bhosale says:

Can we eat besan cheela for breakfast?

Kiran Agarwal says:

Do you even know Suji is form of wheat hence they have gluten already ?

Mahesh Kumar says:

Can i use oats with water

Saba Saba says:

Gehun ki roti bhi nhi kha sakte kya dear pcod me

Ashwini krishna Ashwini krishna says:

Hi mam can we use boiled rice instead of brown rice

pardeep rana says:

fir khana kya hai i eat chapati with curd regularly

Surbhi Tagare says:

Ovaries release testosterone 😂they release oestrogen or projesteron

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