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10 MINUTES to lean and toned arms AT HOME! Who’s down for this beginner-friendly fat loss challenge?!? Comment below if you’re going to start it.

This simple but INTENSE arm workout will help you tone up and get rid of arm fat and anything sagging along the arms and shoulders at home OR at the gym without the use of weights!

The WINNER of the growwithjo durable fabric resistance bands + fanny pack is announced at the end of this video so make sure to watch the whole thing through to see if you won!
ALSO due to popular demand, for every 1 thousand likes and comments, I will give away an extra set of bands!!! SO MAKE SURE TO COMMENT AND LIKE as these bands are valued at $40 and can be used anywhere! *contest ends September 1, 2019*

If you want to know more about the diet I use to lose body fat, make sure to comment that as well. Diet plays a huge role in losing fat alongside exercise.

THE WORKOUT: (30 seconds per exercise)
1. Arm circles
2.Bent forward tricep press back
3.Bent arm rotate in, and out, then up
4.Forward reach to shoulder retraction
5.Standing Tricep press
6.Jab cross
8.Shoulder tap
9.Box pushups
10.Plank arm raise
11.Plank with one arm behind back
12.Backwards all fours reaches (love handles exercise)

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