How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg In 10 Days | Winter Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Winter Diet Plan Indian

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How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kg In 10 Days | Winter Diet Plan For Weight Loss – 10 Kgs | Winter Diet Plan India 2019 | Full Day Indian Weight Loss Plan | Winter Weight Loss Diet | Winter Meal Plan For Weight Loss Upto 15 Kg | Winter Diet 2019
Winter Diet Plan 2019 Hindi –
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You can lose up to 10 -15kgs within 10 to 30 days. Results can vary depending on your metabolism, body type, and climate.

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titli pramanik says:

Hi Vicky, is it possible to replace oats with any other thing(s) like couscous / chickpeas / etc?

Snehalata Agarwal says:

Hi instead of golden milk can u instead have the apple weight loss smoothie?

Aakanksha gowrisetti says:

Can i have this cardamom drink in 16hr fasting window period in IF

Fiza Ahmed says:

Can i have fig smoothie in dinner?

Amina Abdul Jaleel says:

Anyone to start this from Saturday?

Twinkle Khemani says:

Can we have any green vegetable with the weight loss roti?

Sanjida Alam Disha says:

How many rotis I can have?

sophie taleb says:

This is all vegetarian?

Aakanksha Chandel says:

I don't like milk. What should I have instead of milk?

ketaki kale says:

Chickpeas means chole?

keerthana veeraperumal says:

Hi! I really wanna know more about ghee for weight loss and pcod. Like here who wants to know the same…😉

MsBittu786 says:

I’m starting this diet today, let’s see how I go?

Ranjita Arvind says:

Hi..Vicky I don't like sweet oats can I have masala oats or oats chilla instead

JobsKey Consultant says:

Can u make a video on potassium food related with weightloss

Hasnain Iqbal says:

Hello mam
Mam can we use white oats

Sp riya says:

Hi dear…
Can you please do a weight loss plan video for night shift office goers esp for Indian S.

yalnaaz ahmed says:

Can we have green tea ? While following this

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