Loose Belly Fat Fast । 5kg In Just 10 Days

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In this video, you will learn how you can lose your weight with the help of banana and hot water, it is a very effective home remedy, you have often heard that eating banana in your daily diet will help you to lose your weight but today you will learn how you can lose weight with the help of banana and hot water, using it in a proper way will definitely reduce your weight.
Banana is very helpful in reducing weight.
The benefits of banana are:-
1. It increases the metabolic rate of the body which leads to fat burn.
2. It contains fibre which helps in getting rid of acidity.
3. It keeps your digestive system good.
4. Using it daily in the morning will help you to feel less hungry till afternoon.
Along with banana, hot water is also very effective in reducing the weight.
Benefits of hot water are:-
1. It hydrates our body and keeps the oxygen level high.
2. Taking it daily will help you to feel fresh for the whole day.
3. It increases the metabolic rate of our body which automatically decreases the fat.
The process to prepare this home remedy :
You don’t have to do much for it you just have to eat two banana’s every day in the morning and immediately after that have a cup of hot water, you have to take it every day before your breakfast, it is a very effective home remedy, using it in a proper way will definitely give you a positive result.
Along with this home remedy, you should follow some weight loss tips.
Weight loss tips:
1. Drink at least 7 glass of water every day
2. Take 2 cups of green tea every day, it helps you to lose weight more fast
3. Don’t take stress, tension by doing this you may gain weight so try to avoid this as much as you can
4. Don’t eat butter, cheese, curd or any oily food, this is a major reason why most of the people are unable to lose weight
5. Regular exercise is very important you should exercise every day if you want to be fit and healthy, without physical work your body becomes lazy and unhealthy so try to do physical work daily, avoiding this can lead to a fat and unhealthy body.
6. Chew the food slowly whenever you eat, this will help you to feel less hungry and the food will also digest fast

By following these weight loss tips and this home remedy you will definitely lose your weight within a month.


Rajesh Patel says:

I'm drinking a juice of cucumber,ginger,cumin powder, lemon juice, and mint to reduce my fat but I also get wrinkles on my face, which I don't want to have so do you have any treatment to it

pooja xettri says:

kya ye tips ham morning empty stomach me le sakte hee

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