LOSE WEIGHT FAST IN 1 WEEK (HINDI) | H.I.I.T Benefits | 2 Minute Video

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Hey Friends, Let’s explore the fastest and effective way to lose weight, you will be able to see results in 1 week by using high intensity interval training known as H.I.I.T.

What is H.I.I.T?
It is the particular technique of exercise in which we have to perform non-stop exercises for some seconds or minute without or with very minimal rest period.
If you are beginner then you can check out ,these two exercise you can perform anywhere anytime
Click on this link and watch the 2nd habit in which i mentioned the two exercises you need to perform:-

Now let’s see benefits of H.I.I.T:-

1)Makes You More Fit In Very Less Time

H.I.I.T have all benefits of normal cardio like jogging and running,
H.I.I.T creates anaerobic condition(oxygen absence) which produces after-burn effect known as Excess Post Oxygen Consumption,which is responsible for burning calories throughout whole day.
On Other Side,cardio like jogging and running get adequate oxygen time to time and don’t produce after burn effect.

2.Keeps Your Metabolic Rate At Higher Level

Again Thanks to After Burn Effect.
H.I.I.T boost metabolism which helps you to burn more calories,even you burn calories while sleeping.
More Calories Burning Process Leads to FAT LOSS.

3. Reduce Heart Rate And Blood Pressure

H.I.I.T has so much health Benefits.
According to Several Studies, H.I.I.T reduces heart rate and blood pressure in over-weighted individuals, but it dont change heart and blood pressure in normal individuals.

4.Gives You a BIG Smile

H.I.I.T helps in releasing endorphins in large amount after exercise, endorphins are also known as happy hormones,they keeps you happy and reduces you stress level whole day.
And Ultimately your body feel more energized.



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