Indian Diet plan for weight loss | 900 calorie diet (day 8) | How to lose weight fast

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Indian Diet plan for weight loss | 900 calorie diet (day 8) | How to lose weight fast
Friends, today I will share with you Indian Diet plan for weight loss day 8 Diet plan, It is 900 calorie diet plan. I already shared with you day 1 to day 7 diet plans, video links are given below please check. These diet plan helps to lose 10 kg in 10 days. If you are thinking to how to lose weight fast, follow my Indian diet plan for weight loss video. It will help you to lose weight quickly.
My day 8 Indian diet plan for weight loss you will get nearly 963kcal,Protein 36g, carb 150g and fiber 30g,You can Follow 900 calorie diet plan for 10 days only, after that increase calorie1200,1400,1600.Daily how much calories we need to take it depends, upon BMR
(Basal metabolic rate).with this eat Protein rich food and fiber rich food, Do daily 30-45 min exercise and with this you can easily reduce weight. I explained my Indian diet plan for weight loss in Hindi, here I shared weight loss recipes, and also, I shared some weight loss tips. My Indian diet plan for weight loss can be follow both men and women.
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