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*SIZERO – Size Zero* KKM NOT171200679K
*Body Slimming Cream 100ml & Soap 70g*
✅ Burn body fat.
✅ Boost fat burning metabolism
✅ Helps slimming process.
✅ Reduce cellulite & stretch marks.
✅ Makes your skin smooth.
✅ Pleasant Fragrance

🔶Measure body parts after 6 days of application.
🔶 Results 6-14 days . Please keep track of the measurements.
🔶 Sizero Cream last for 2 months.

🔷 *Direction to apply SIZERO*
1. Take shower with Sizero soap.
2. Apply the Sizero Cream day & night after shower.
3. Take sufficient amount of Cream on your palm & Massage over the target area that you want to burn fat.
4. You can also apply Sizero Cream before you exercise or take part in any physical activities such as going to gym, body massage session, sauna, jogging, yoga or ext.

🔷 *Ingredients of SIZERO*
🌹White tea tree oil🌹
▪️Relieves any type of skin scars, cellulite & stretch marks.

🌹Ginger extract🌹
▪️Helps Weight Loss.
▪️Eliminate Stomach Bloating.
▪️Remove Fat at Thigh and Arm.
▪️Reduce stretch marks & Cellulite Effect on body.

🌹Aloe Vera🌹
▪️Boosts fat burning Metabolism.
▪️Burning calories process becomes faster, thereby accelerating the process of losing weight.
▪️The Vitamin B content of Aloe Vera stops fat build-up and curbing appetite. Therefore, losing weight becomes much easier for us.

🌹Natural herbs🌹
▪️Speed up fat burning metabolism.
▪️Eliminate body fat safely and effectively.

Dermatology Review:
▪️Removes fat, cellulite and reduce the associated bumps on the skin.

🔷 *Questions about SIZERO?*
☝🏻Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
Yes. Suitable for all skin type. But *we strongly suggest to refer your doctor first with the product details.*

☝🏻Is it suitable for pregnant woman?
Yes. Please avoid applying on stomach, Breast, nipple and hips. Other areas should be fine.

☝🏻Is it suitable for breastfeeding mother?
Yes. Please avoid nipple and breast area. Can be used on other body parts.

Sizero Cream & Soap combo Set Rm200
Postage FREE

OR Single product
Sizero Cream Rm170, Postage FREE
Sizero Soap Rm50, Postage FREE

2 Sizero Cream Rm320 (save Rm20)
2 Sizero Soap Rm90 (save Rm10)

🔷 *To order SIZERO* 🇲🇾
Please Click on this link for fast response👇🏻

Please WhatsApp directly to +60146242527.

Facebook Page

KKM NOT171200679K*

MUA: SK Magical Touch by Shunteri Krishnan
Videography: JC Production by Joveena Michelle


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