Weight Loss tips for Hypothyroidism in Tamil | Weight Loss In 10 Days | EP 16

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Thyroid Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism | Diet Plan For Weight Loss In 10 Days | EP 16

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Health information presented by Dr.Vijaykanth BNYS
(The Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Science (BNYS) is a Medical Degree Graduation Programme Course in India in the field of Integrative Medicine, which covers the study of both Naturopathy Medicine & Modern Medicine as Integrative Medicine and Therapeutic Yoga or Yoga Medicine )


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Nagee Hameed says:

radish chapdalama?

Puganeswari Selvaraj says:

Hi my FT4 FT3 & TSH level is normal but my thyroid goitre looks like enlarged.. please advise me what I should do?

Madu mitha says:

I have one doubt. .
Already the level of thyroid hormone is low.. (hypo thyroidism)..
Ur suggestions are to reduce thyroid hormone or to increase the level of thyroid hormone?? Bz after giving tips ur are mentioning that it will reduce!!

Thanks in advance

Praveen Devendhiran says:

Very Thanks bro

Kuppu Rasu says:

குக்லு மற்றும் திரிபலா கலந்த நீரை தைராய்டு க்கு வெறும் வயிற்றில் குடிக்க லாம் என்று கூறுகிறார் கள் அது மாத்திரைக்கு முன்பு அல்லது பின்பு எடுப்பதா கூறுங்கள் சார் pls

Beena verghese says:

Yen wait 75 kg

Beena verghese says:

Sir nan vyayamam walking Panna neara illai , skipping pannall podhuma ? Pls reply

geetha balu says:

Thank youuuuu Brother


T3 level .26 erugu.home remedy solunga plz

Manju Shana says:

Thanks Sri very useful tips

Kanjana Muthu says:

Ennaku hosimitothyroiditis iruku weight loss panna idea sollunga,hosmitothyroudtis thondai la katti mathri irruku athuku home remedy iruku, naa doctor sonna tablet eduthukarA, please sollunga

Rinusha Rinu says:

Bro my sisiy ki Ft4-0.9 ,Tsh 1.094 irikki inthu okya? Plz reply me

Manish Manish says:

Sir thyroid ikku body nala weight poduma sir

Nadar Sathish says:

sir thyraid.ennaku irrukku130 ethanalkulandhai pakkiyam iruukuma please reply

Umahes kitchen says:

80kg.diet follow pandran no result.

Jayanthi Kumari says:

sir my daughter age 9 she had thyroid problem and insulin level increasing..she s wt is 65 how to loss wt sir..pls

Kumutha Nandhini says:

Excellent tips

Ancy Jebasheela says:

Thyroid report normal nu vandha. Tablet stop pannalama sir.. Or continue pannanuma.. Reply me

shantha Shanu says:

Sir enaku T3 2.52
T4 21.83
TSH 0.058 today test la epidi iruku. nan already 100mg sapitudu iruken.ipo Nan evullo mg tablets edukanum sir.pls rply me

Kodi Arasi says:

Tnq sir 👍👍👍👍

sruthi ganesh says:

sir enakku hypothyroidism. enala weight maintain mattum than panna mudiyuthu. but loss pannave mudiyala. weight loss ku enakku ethavathu solluenga plz

Lakshmi Priya says:

T3 and t4 is normal and TSH 3.78 thyroid iruka sir?

Deepa P says:

Exercise solli thanka ennakku hypo thyroid erukku exercise thereyathu so pls

Subha Priya says:

Will face puffiness and weight gain reduce after thyroid cured?

Kalpana Patel Patel says:

Super sir wat are the neck stretching exercises

dhivya Bharathi says:

T3 T4 is normal
Tsh is 8 wat to do

Jemi Jemi says:

Sir thairod tablet entha time la podanum pls tell me

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