Weight Loss Drinks At Home In Tamil|How to Lose Weight Fast in tamil

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Weight Loss Drink in tamil or No Sugar Challenge or How to Lose Weight fast in tamil videos is all about preparing two amazing drinks for weight loss.Weight loss is a common issue in todays day to day life.To overcome this Challenge yourself Against Sugar,Madia,Processed food.Take this challenge for atleast 5 days in a week.Give off for 2 days then again start this for next 5 days.

Weight loss is a process,will occur gradullay.Suden Weight loss is very dangerous and causes many side effects.Stick to your goal until you reach.Therefore weight loss process is daily process and every minute determination.

Challenge your self for this process and begin to drink these 2 amazing drinks to replace your favorite tea and coffee.

Top 10 Benefits of Cinnamon Tulsi Green Tea:

1.Ability to remove Stree
2.Improved Sleep Pattern
3.Regulate Blood Sugar
4.Prevent Chronic Disease
5.Protects Respiratory Health
6.Soothe Inflammation
7.Regulates Digestion
8.Increase Blood Circulation
9.Quick relieve from headache,fever and gout
10.Prevent Cancer

Top 10 Benefits of Ginger Tea:

1.Ability to aid weight loss
2.Boost Immune System
3.Reduce pain and Inflammation
4.Prevents certain types of cancer
5.Optimize Digestive Process
6.Healthy Oxygen Circulation
7.Eliminate Mucus and Phlegm
8.Reduce Painful mensural Cramps
9.Balance Hormonal level
10.Relieve Anxiety

Word of caution:
Ginger tea is ideal beverage for winter and autumn months
Excessive consumption is not recommended
For others with specific conditions,such as pregnancy,heart diseases,bleeding disorders, speak to your doctor before you add this to ur daily intake.

I hope you will take up this challenge for weight loss.

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