[TAMIL] 101 WEIGHTLOSS FAQ's Part 1 – Lose 10 Kgs in 10 Days?

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Hi You all Amazing People !!

Part 1 of the 101 Weightloss FAQ’s

Post your questions in the comment sections below !!

1. Can i lose 10 Kgs in 10 Days?
2. How much time to lose 10Kgs ?
3. Will i gain back the weight which i lost ?
4. Good amount of weightloss in beginning but later slows down?
5. Will Starving help me to lose weight?
6. Does G.M Diet Work ?
7. Can i eat only Vegetables and Fruits to lose weight ?
8. How to i start my Weightloss Journey?
9. How to Reduce Tummy Fat, DoubleChin Fat?
10.Should i follow a diet only ?

Part 2 of the 101 Weightloss FAQ’s
11.Should i complete stop eating some foods during diet ?
12.Does Sweating equals weightloss or fatloss ?
13.Are Carbohydrates bad?
14.Food Binging and weight gain?
15.What to do when i ate excess when i am on diet?
16.Not able to follow diet for long period of time?
17.What are Macro Nutrients?
18.What are Micro Nutrients?
19.What are calories?
20.Can i just follow diet and NO exercise??


Thanks for watching do post your questions here!!


T5 says:

10 days 10kg possible WATER FASTING ,100% working

Baskaran P says:

Hi bro
Gym joint panni two days aaguthu
Ennada age 22 weight 85
Gym trinner (normal la weight ha kurakkave mudi solraru )(tablets and protein powder) eduthathan kurakka mudium nu Gym mastar solraru…pls reply msg


Hi iam new subscriber….i follow your videos

Sandeep Deep says:

Bro food la weight loss pannalama

Thalapathy vicky says:

Bro my weight 80 wait lose home workt solluga

Priyanka jp Priyanka jp says:

Hi bro my weight 85 height. 160. But my age is 21only how much of weight I want to reduce

Manikandan J says:

Sir my age 28 maximum en hight 156 en age averaga evlo weight irukanum

Akshaya Rathika says:

Hi bro iam 175 cm my weight is 83.6 what i should do to loss weight

Rohith Roi says:

neenga yena paninganu solalaiye?

Durgesh Ru says:

Ji fatburns can be use ha bro

Vinod david says:

Water diet good ah bad video pannuga anna

Reginald Sopiya says:

hi for weight loss can we eat rava upma or something with rava

Ramesh Nevedha says:

Ungaloda weight loss pathi sollunga

Shajinsandy Sandy says:

Sir yenaku 30 kg weight kandipa koraikanum.. Ena panaum na

roja S.E says:

hi my name ezhil and my weight 57.6 kg and my height 146 cm i have reduce 4 kg in 1 month pls giving in ideya pls anna

Valar Mathi says:

bro nan pelo follow paneran 3kg reduced reduce slow akuthu Enna pandrathu

Karthi Nagachi says:

Uyaramaka valara tips bro

Kassali shuraym says:

Starting la nalla weight loss aatchu ipo konjam kammi aahuthu, athuku nenga sonna explain purunchathu but athuku enna pannanum.

Sushmitha D says:

I need this video in English

Mithra Mega says:

100kg woman who weight loss diet

Apsana Farvees says:

Enaku lip kita fat irukku adha koraigalam irudha neega genetic ga solringa😢😢😢😢 apo adha koraikave mudiyatha plz help

Apsana Farvees says:

Bro my weight 62 height 168 weight loss pananum plz meeee😢😢😢😢😢😢my age 17

youth i con uv says:

Bro na morn 30mins exercise pandran and morn honey+hot water+ lemon drink edukura 1 hrs apro oats …. afternoon meals as limited evening green tea and exercise …..at nit chapati edukura apro nit drink edukuran hot water …..idhu k VA diet Ku apro oats naladha

S Ashok says:

Give me a proper diet plan pls sir

Janani Sree says:

Night Oru 6 hrs mattum Tha thungure…so afternoon le Oru 2 hrs thungalama…apati afternoon le thunguna weight gain agumaa

Mohan Kumar says:

Bro என் weight 98 and my age 18 bro pls diet enna enna edukarathu sollunga plssss

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