How to lose FACE FAT in tamil || simple face fat exercise for beginners|| weight loss day10

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Tamil alagu Navee says:
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Niyas Parveen says:

Plz reply me

Niyas Parveen says:

Hi how r u neenga sollura exercise one day Ku how much time pannunum pa sollunga what time LA pannunum


Sister one day Ethana time pannanum soluga sis


Daily skipping benefits and yaar yaar laam skipping pannalaam nu sollunga dear

ganesh kumar says:

Sis na puthusu subscribe pannita ovuru excessisum ethana thadava panrathu
Pls reply

Kalai Gowtham says:

Oru nalaiku ethana time seiyanu

Priya Jothi says:

Ninga pesuratha ketkave supera iruku mam

vennila vennila says:

Sister inor doubt fat ah iruka cheeksa koraikrathu easy ah ila olliya iruka cheeksa fat akrathu easy ah sister reply panunga

vennila vennila says:

Sis one side matum face la cheeks fat ta iruntha atha epdi reduce pantrathu sister reply panunga

suresh suresh says:

Super sister

Abros 1000 says:

Sis one day kku ethana time idhu pananum plz ma solluga

madhu madhu says:

Hi sis, anaku one month a periods aietu eruku enna pandrathu yepudi stop pandrathu sollunga sis

Murugan Divya says:

Sister colors vanga vanganu add poduranga atha patgi konjam reply panunga

A.C.R Vel says:

Sis entha excice boys suku set aahumaa

haseena banu says:

Hi iam ur new subscriber

Ram Kumar says:

Your voice so nice

Vijay Samy says:

I love your cute voice akka

Rashmi S says:

Kannem fat increase aka video potuka Sisy

hari haran says:

Hii sister tq……ithuku food control irukanuma ….one dayku ethana time pannalam intha exercise

Yasmin Shahul says:

Yeattana time panlam

Tamil De Cruze says:

Very nice akka

Christy Jebasheela says:

Thank you baby

chinna t says:

Hi dear I'm new subscriber…

Santhosh ASSR Santhosh ASSR says:

Ethala oru nalaiku ethana time pannanum evalo neram

Akila Udaya says:

Super sisy tq

Devi Devi says:

yur talking too artificialyy aansthama pesna inu nala irkum

mohamed Brodaz says:

Sariyana attu 😀😷😁😂

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