Weight loss tips in tamil | Garlic for weight loss in tamil | 7 days weight loss drink in tamil

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Weight loss tips in tamil | Garlic for weight loss in tamil | 7 days weight loss drink in tamil

Dear Friends,
Hope you find this weight loss drink useful, please comment your feedback after reducing weight friends. Kindly follow garlic remedy along with our diet chart for effective chart.

Diet Chart in tamil :

Weight Loss Tips in Tamil :

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UDHAYA P says:

Hi sister nit pundu pal kudikum podhu nattusakara potu kudikalama

Sri Ramkumar says:

Kandippa nadakuma ka en na nan evlo vo try panniten but no use

Renugadevi Venkat says:

Poondu milk …has to be taken morn r night??…pepper and turmeric ll.make diff in wt loss r not?

Mahesh Rajendran says:

Hi sis I m n haryana here very cold… Inside home la kuta walking and exercise pana mutiala… Diet matum follow pana weight reduce aguma

Mohamed Jaleel says:

herbalife product use pannalama

Laverne says:

Nice one!! Keep making videos! I recommend checking SMZeus . c o m!!! It will help you get your videos higher in the search results!!!

Sri Sai says:

Pregnancy try pandravnga kudikkalama pls reply sis pls 🙏

Nivi Nivi says:

Aavalo days. La weight loss aagum Akka pls answer me

Amutha maruthu says:

Enaku 4 method pidichiruku I will try sister .cute weight loss method thanks for sharing video thanks a lot 💞💞💞💞💞

Lavanya Ece says:

4 methods very nice sis… garlic milk and turmeric and pepper method nice sis👍🏻👍🏻

Maha Lakshmi Ganeshan says:

Hi sis…very very useful video👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽all 4 methods r superb.😍😍.first 3 method mrng empty stomach la sapdanum sonathu very useful tip😍😍😍.I like last method sis.🙂🙂🙂🙂.garlic pidikathavanka kuda last method try panalam…super sis… thanks for sharing sis…

devi Thiyagu says:

hi sister 💞💞💞💞really super sister 💕💕💕💕all method super sister 💞same pinch sis enakum milk pidikathu kandipa try pannra sis 💕💕💕super method sis super sister 😍😍😍

Karthick K says:

4 in 1 ahhh… Super ka.. Thanks you…

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