10 Day Challenge – 10 Minute Workout To Lose Fat Fast

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Are you looking to burn fat fast at home but you don’t seem to have enough time or don’t know which exercises to do?

Today we’re challenging you to do this 10-minute workout routine for 10 days, EVERYDAY! If you want to start getting slim, fit, and healthy while working out your entire body, this challenge is just the right one for you.

Do this workout everyday if you want to see fast results, no skipping days! Good luck and be sure to subscribe to our channel to receive new video workouts everyday!

Don’t forget to leave us a comment to update us on your progress after 10 days. Ready to start the challenge? Let’s get started!!💪❤️


Louise Rose says:

So today was my first day doing it (05/11/2019). I don’t actually know how much I weight right now, but I’ll come back with daily updates on how I feel and see my body changing – or not changing at all.

Day 1: Kinda hard because I haven’t done any exercises in a really long time. Nothing that terrible tho. Also I’ve been eating really bad and I’m thinking about add some others workouts but I’ll write everything here in case I do. (Oh, don’t let your cat watch you exercise, they’ll provably be scared af lol).

Day 2: soon.

Lamia Sherb says:


Love World says:

Do you actually get skinnier?

Prabhita Sharma says:

Mam effect nahi padh raha kuch batao na

Jyotishree Karmakar says:

My goal is to loose thigh,belly ,waist and arm fat. But I am so busy with studies that I don't have much time to spend in workout. Can u plz help me??

Mehak Preet says:

This for 13 years old girls

Milky. gd says:

Ok. I’m 12 and 8 stone. See you in 10 days

Milky. gd says:

Why am I not good enough? Why am I fat?

muhammad umar says:

thank u so much for this one

muhammad umar says:

can u plz tell me any other challenge i wanna loose more n more

muhammad umar says:

i've done my 10days sorry for late update but i can tell u i can c difference i didn't know about the scale n numbers but i can c change in my body it worked for me

Ariana greez says:

Is it seconds or how many time to do every single thing

sandhya pareek says:

Plz also share a indian diet plan for these exercises to loose fat plzzzzz

sandhya pareek says:

Hey! Roberta Gym plz upload some exercise to increase height in 10 days plzz

sandhya pareek says:

I am 14 year old teenager , my weight is 46 kg and height is 5'1 inch and from 1 March 2019 i am going to start this exercise to loose my weight for summers as in these 10days i am free and my exams will also get over .
Hope it works

sandhya pareek says:

Will it help me to loose my full body weight in 10 days or it will focus on only some parts

BTS Army Aish says:

Hi, I'm a teenager and I need to increase my height 😭can. U pls give a workout for increasing high

And I have been thin my whole life but slowly and gradually I'm gaining weight and my thighs and arms have becom fat can u give a link to the exercise video which will help me 🤗

Your daily Pototo says:

1 min in and im tired

Sameen bhatti says:

Your videos are great. I’ve been searching for a short and effective workout video and your channel has provided me with so many, I love all of your workouts

Shane A.Cortez says:

Hello Roberta's gym i am 9yrs and my weight is 36 but they keep saying i am fat in our house they call me butanding lol. So i am curious am interested fat?i will gonna try this after school started today

muhammad umar says:

m on my day 4 feeling v gd hope it works

Pink Fluffy Unicorn says:

So I am going to do this from 15th of February `till 25th of February. I am going to edit, because I hate it when people forget to edit. See you in ten days. Wish me luck.
Female, vegetarian, 14 years, about 160cm high. Start weight: 59,5 kg

muhammad umar says:

i wanna ask something some people say the fat burning starts after 20minutes of exercise then 10minutes workout how can it works? just answer me plz m waiting m confused

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