Bike Workout to Lose 10 Pounds THIS WEEK – Lose 30 Pounds in 30 days

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“I swear is rigged because I Lost 7 Pounds in 4 Days” -Priscilla Kinnear

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Can you really lose 10 pounds in 1 week or 30 pounds in 30 days with this bike workout?

The answer is yes depending on how overweight you are and how bloated or how much water weight you are carrying. Did you know you can easily lose 5 pounds in 2 days by messing with your salt, carb and water intake to flush out 5 or 10 pounds of unwanted water weight bloat?

So again if you are overweight by at least 30 pounds then yes, losing 10 pounds in your first week with this HIIT bike workout is not a problem at all.

For the best results you need to do the FULL one-hour workout 2-to-4 days per week 1-to-2 times per day or you can do just the 45 minute or the first 4 sets for 2-to-4 days per week 1-to-2 times per day or if you are a true beginner you can do ONLY the 13-minute part of the workout for 1-to-6 times a day for 3-to-5 days per week.

As you saw in the video there is proof of how fast you can lose weight from doing this hellish intense workout or this bike workout from hell but did you remember the girl at the beginning of this video who lost 84 whopping pounds in 4 months doing both my bike and elliptical workouts and what about me (adrian Bryant)
I used this bike workout in my journey to get super ripped or super shredded as some of you would say.

If you don’t have a bike and you still want to lose 10 pounds this week then you can also follow along and do this work out by doing jumping jacks, sprint back and forth in a short space, burpees and/or ski steps or of course you and follow along with this bike workout by doing this HIIT workout on a treadmill.

Here is the exact layout of the first part or the first 4 sets of the HIIT bike workout: you go all out for 30 seconds and then you rest for 10 seconds, then you go all out again but for 20 seconds and then you rest again for 10 seconds and you repeat that 30 seconds and 20 second alternating process 9 times and then you rest one minute and repeat all of that up to 3 times for a FULL 45 minute 4 set workout.

I personally lost weight fast doing this because I always beat my last workout starting off by only burning 600 calories to burning an amazing whole lot of 800 calories doing this.

Do not forget to use a diet along with this bike workout to almost guarantee you will lose 10 pounds in your first week. You can use my eat anything you want diet plan (the nowloss diet where you count calorie) or you can use my 5 diet rules plan where you do not have to count calories.

After that initial fast weight loss of 10 or 30 pounds your weight loss rate will slow down and this is especially true once you have only -to-15 pounds left to lose or just belly fat remaining
At the point of less than 20 pounds left you can expect to lose less than 5 pounds a week or maybe even 1-to-2 pounds a week and in most cases where you have only 10 pounds left to lose you can expect some weeks where you lose less than 1 pound a week or no weight at all.

So the answer to can you lose 10 pounds in 1 week with the bike workout all depends or mainly depends on how over weigh you are? More than 30 pounds to lose = yes and less than 30 = maybe and less than 15 = no you will not 10 pounds in any week.

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