Only One Simple Exercise to Lose Back and Belly Fat Fast

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We are all dreaming of a perfectly flat belly and back to be ready for the summer and rock the perfect beach body. You can achieve that goal with no dieting or workouts at the gym. Fortunately, there’s one simple exercise that can help you bust back and belly fat in the blink of an eye, leaving you with gorgeous toned abs and a beautiful cinched-in waist.
Doing the plank correctly is the key to giving your muscles a proper workout so that all your efforts will bring your desired results. Make sure you don’t arch your back, this will only put pressure on your spine and lead to all kinds of nasty back problems. Try to avoid lowering your hips towards the floor as well. It’ll decrease the effectiveness of the workout your muscles are receiving, basically making your training a waste of time. Finally, pay attention to your neck too, it’s better to look down rather than up or straight ahead of you. It’ll take less than 5 minutes of your time a day for the next month. You’ll start with 25 seconds and step by step move towards 240 seconds.
Working out all of these muscles gives you some amazing bonuses, improving your back and booty as well. Not to mention, according to the American Council on Exercise, planking regularly reduces back pain and significantly improves your posture.
If you wanna get even better results, try to follow some rules of healthy eating as well. After all, you have to take care of your body on the inside if you want it to look nice on the outside too. But even with healthy food, moderation and portion control are key. Try to eat only when you’re actually hungry, and don’t wolf down your food. Eating slowly will give your stomach and brain enough time to understand that your body is full, so you won’t overeat.

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The power of a simple plank 0:44
How to do it correctly 1:05
The challenge 1:49
Why is plank so good for you 3:41
Healthy eating rules 4:32

-All you have to do is follow this little plank challenge for a month, and before you know it, you won’t even recognize your own body.
-Get into a pushup position on the floor and place your forearms on the ground so that your elbows are right below your shoulders. Your arms should be parallel to your body at about shoulder-width distance.
-For the first 2 days, hold the plank for 25 seconds. Increase the time to 30 seconds for the third and fourth days. On day 5, try to hold it for 40 seconds. As for day 6, you deserve a little rest. But not for long because your goal for days 7 and 8 is 50 seconds! Finally, we’re getting to the end of the first phase with 1 minute for days 9 and 10.
-Planking basically improves your core strength like no other exercise. It engages all your major core muscle groups, which allows you to get a perfectly flat tummy in no time.
-Never skip breakfast. Try to gradually cut down on the junk food. Try to eat only when you’re actually hungry, and don’t wolf down your food.

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4:25 I wish I could do the same… And you?

Đức Nguyễn says:

how many times i have to per day????

Pannasa Vijaya Gowri says:

By eating good food like fresh vegetables and fruits we can put your health and forever and try avoid junk food maximum if are eating means try do some walking and doing some Jim exercises then you can be fit .

Arif Paracha says:

yes it works but it is too much hard i cant do it more than10 sec

Saseedharan R says:

I can hold my body for 30 secs !

World record is approximately 4.5 hrs ! A women achieved it !

Baby Kangabam says:

Im 17yrs old…..weight 82kg…..its becoming hard to lose weight….how can i any suggestions?

usaha keras says:

Straight doing 240seconds. Want to see miracle happens.

The Rock Bros says:

this worked guys i have a 8 pack now, worth it .

TimurPlayz says:

Im 11 and i can do 1 minute and 30 second plank this video inspired me to go further i would normally never go above 1 min but now i have challenged myself! WAKUNDA FOREVER

Cataluvs BTS says:

I was able to do it 3 minutes straight

IQRA Arshad says:

Oooo its too difficult but I will be try

That Win Named Ruby says:

Why does it take 7 minutes to explain one exercise?

Traze Alien says:

Weird flex but I did a plank for 14 minutes buddy

Poppy Latchford says:

I can already do iit for 1 minute so should I just start from stage 1?

Yoga Prakash says:

Thank you for your idea but you well give time table chat give to more help full this exasice thank you

Derpy Gamer says:

Umm from the start of the video an ad said exercise is bad for you

Dust says:

Is this really works?

NelTTV says:

What’s the best time on doing this workout?

Anya Shah says:

Do you have to go on a diet to make this work?

Aubrey Day says:

Who else went straight to the comments to see if it worked

Nina Kutsentova says:

I,’m realistic, impossible to lost weight and stomach in 50 second. It hard and long time work

MrEvelyn says:

More than 6 min for 1 exercise

The Random channel says:

I wanna really do this but I’m scared if I get loose skin

Edit: Ok so I looked it up and it said if you loose over 100 pounds in a short period of time then you’ll get loose skin, but otherwise less than that your safe!

Nurul s PUBG entertainment says:

what to eat

Padmanaban Vimal says:

Thank frnd u r tips very useful in me😇😍😍

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