How to lose weight fast 10 kgs in 10 days (900 Calorie Diet Plan) – video FACTORY

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German :Wie schnell Gewicht zu verlieren 10 kg in 10 Tagen (900 Kalorien Diät-Plan)
Italian : Come perdere peso velocemente 10 kgs in 10 giorni (900 Calorie Plan di dieta)
Dutch : Hoe snel gewicht 10 kg in 10 dagen afvallen (900 Calorie Diet Plan)
Norwegian : Hvordan gå ned i vekt raskt 10 kg på 10 dager (900 Calorie Diet Plan)
Portuguese : Como perder peso rapidamente 10 kgs em 10 dias (900 Calorie Diet Plan)
French : Comment perdre du poids rapidement 10 kg en 10 jours (Plan de régime de 900 calories)
Swedish : Hur man går ner i vikt snabbt 10 kg på 10 dagar (900 kalori diet plan)
Spain : Cómo perder peso rápido 10 kgs en 10 días (900 calorías dieta plan)
Find out how to lose weight fast with video FACTORY ‘s Egg Diet Plan | 10 Kgs in 10 Days / 22 LBS. 900 Calorie Diet Plan. 4 Simple Ingredients, Low Cost, Effective, Easy to make Meal Plan that will help you achieve your targets unlike other meal plans with high cost fruits, foods, difficult to remember & follow etc. Works on Safe & Healthy Nutritious food with some exercise and workouts.

P.S : People with High Cholesterol and Diabetes (Developed / Genetic) may follow This Veg Meal Plan instead.

This diet works like a charm! However every body type is different hence the results may vary. You know your body well, if u have any kind of ailments, consult your doctor first.

P.S: Eggs in this plan should be consumed with yolk. Eggs should be BOILED ONLY. Green Tea should be consumed plain (No sweeteners) Eggs can be seasoned with little salt & black pepper (No Mayo/ Sauce) This is an egg diet plan ( egg is the primary ingredient), please do not ask for substitute of eggs.

Regarding the Cholesterol in Eggs:
Eggs include HDL cholesterol, also known as great cholesterol. This kind of cholesterol is harmless for your well-being – it can enable the body produce more vitamin D and hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol.

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