How to lose 10 kgs in 10 days| Fast & Easy Weight Loss No diet or Workout

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Sorry about the title ! Had to trick you guys because for some reason no one wants to hear it so I had to try a different method.
That pic of Pooja is 45 kgs over 4 years not 10 days.
By hook or crook I ll tell you the truth !!

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Be strong Be consistent and above all be patient

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2 states says:

Right I lost only 3 kg in 10 days how much ur calorie deficit may be, but different body type have different amount of losing fat

Priyanka Kakoti says:

This video is a slow slap on the face of many "so called" Youtube nutritionist /dietician. 😂

Abhishek Mathur says:

The way u speak is so charming and seductive . Love ur voice 😃

Shruti Haksar says:

This is wonderful useful info. Thank you!

deepika singh says:

There are various youtubers who are selling diets by promising weight loss of 10-15 kgs in a month. These diets are deprived of nutrition. It's glad to find a sensible woman fitness expert 🙂

Anvar Khan says:

Mem hindi mai batya plz

Alpha Babe says:

O listen ..I have lost 10 kgs in 10 days and for your information it doesn't mean one kg per day. As when we start that any diet plan for initial two or three day we don't feel any difference in our weight or fats. But after continuing it till 10 days it tends to lose faster on same diet. So clear up your mind n go to a good school for maths 💯

sirasrisu ram says:

Omg u have earned urself a subscriber…where were u all these days.. totally in love with your channel Nidhi..thumbsup

Aesha Mo says:

Bravoo….!!! Thank God somebodys spoke the truth…👏👏👏

anjali says:

i can relate with it. after lossing passion of diet plan i am again there where i was started. so plz share for indians a right way to loss fat mean fat not weight .


N pls make a pcos diet plan for my friendsplsss


Hello…..nidhi…. M devika I m suffering from weight issues my bmi is 35.5 n my age is 22 n weight is 98.7 I hv tried many thgs bt my efforts gets wasted n gain some extra pounds n I hv no health issues too…so pls suggest me to a veg diet

W3EK Malik says:

Please how a hypothyroidism person can loose weight urgent please a diet program with exercise for a weight 87kg

R V says:

That makes sense .

Evergreen kitchen simple recipes made easy says:

nidhi plz share a wonderful balanced diet plan for vegeterians to lose wt effectively with 30 min of walking as no time for gym or exercise.plzzzzz.

Meenakshi Bhattad says:

Makes sense. Thank you for the useful information.

Nighat Afridi says:

plz hindi min batay plz plz

gaurav sharma says:

Thank you, this is very helpful 👍👍

Rahul sargotra says:

thank you so much…@nidhikomal..

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