BODYBLAST Release 1 – (Week 10, day 1) | 🔶 (Body weight workout class)

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Functional Fitness Body Weight Workout.
It’s a high energy fitness workout, where you train your muscles without a gym! This 12 week routine will give you progress with bodyweight exercises. With energizing bass pumpin’ tunes to lead you through the workout – challenging your limits, while burning up to 700 calories.

Duration: 12 weeks (24 Workouts)
Time per workout: 53 min
Time per week: 2 Workouts = 2 x 53 min
Equiptment: Body weight
Music: Bass pumpin’ music

Workout structure:
1 – Warmup 144BPM + 138BPM – 8 min
2 – Impact 148BPM – 3:35 min
3 – Power 152BPM – 4:30 min
4 – Upper Body 143BPM – 3:48 min
5 – Booty Workout 134BPM – 3:53 min
6 – Running 150BPM – 4:10 min
7 – Interval 146BPM – 4:00 min
8 – Cardio 141BPM – 3:52 min
9 – Core 140BPM – 4:00 min
10 – Abs 124BPM – 4:07 min
11 – Cool Down 99BPM – 4:10 min

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