How to Lose Weight Fast without Exercise

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Trying to lose weight by following online products, starving, dieting; well they are not always the best option for losing weight.

1. Start the day: Lots of people start up their day with warm beverages (coffee, tea); but these morning beverages are not advisable as they increase acid level; a cause of erosion of enamel in your mouth, affects body metabolism causing an upset stomach.
If you are losing weight and prefer warm beverages in the morning, drink hot water with lemon and honey and continue this for a month or two and you will definitely see results later.

2. Increase water intake: As we drink water, we start feeling full and this reduces the amount of food consumption. Water drinking is effective for your body, removes body waste, boosts your metabolism and even help you to drop extra pounds of weight.

So drink around 8-9 glasses of water that will surely help in your weight maintenance and abandon soda, processed energy drinks, juices as they increase sugar level also a cause to increase your weight.

3. Chew Food Properly: Tried everything thing dieting, starvation but showed not results in your weight loss. Recent studies have shown many people do not chew their food properly that causes an excess intake of food.
When you eat fast, you gobble more food than required causing indigestion, upset stomach. The act of slow eating provides you all nutrients, taste and break down your food efficiently.

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