How 2 lose weight fast after giving birth

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Every mother will ask themselves how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth to their child. You will learn some free basic ways on how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth.
Are you tired, unhappy about your appearance, emotional? Your cloths don’t fit? Your friends are passing comments about your new found weight more than your child?
Don’t worry, you will learn some simple tricks, just follow the basic guidelines.
3 Golden Rules to Follow- how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth
• If you are truly serious about, how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth, then you are 75% ahead of every other mother trying to lose those extra pounds.
• By being serious helps keeping you motivated and sticking to your plan
2. Eat SMALLER PORTIONS – how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth
• By eating smaller portions, you body can naturally burn off the food you have eaten. This means that you won’t be adding the weight you have already gained.
• Eat 5 healthier side plate portions a day and try not to snack, rather have some fruit if you feel hungry
3. You should EXERCISE – how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth
• Do not go and run a marathon or do an iron man race. Set your self goals of pushing the pram around the block 3 times a week. Take it slow as it took you 9 months to add the extra weight, it will be very unhealthy to lose it too fast Losing to fast will be bad for you, you get stretch marks as you skin won’t be able to contract naturally. It is also bad as you will be breastfeeding you baby and you wont have all the nutrients
• TIP – Measure your chest, thighs, stomach, and hips once a week. (Weight is not necessary fat, it is also muscle) You can weigh your self. Weigh your self once a week on the same scale, same time every week. Don’t get too excited about the weight as you might lose some muscle and no fat, OR you might gain muscle and lose a bit of fat.
Bottom line – let your cloths will do the talking
What you will gain
You will gain a healthier body; you will look and feel better and will start enjoying the old you. You gain a flatter stomach, better thighs and learn self-discipline along the way. It was mentioned that it was simple, yes, but not easy. Here is a famous quote that will keep you going “in order for things to change, you have to change”.
This might help, visualize what you want to look like and get a picture of that person. Take the picture and put it where you will be able to see it every day for inspiration and how 2 lose weight fast after giving birth.

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