10 Day juice Fast-Day 1

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Gabe begins his 10 day juice fast-day 1. My juice diet plan and how this will kickstart my 100% raw vegan diet that will take me through running my first marathon. Hopefully losing some weight will also help my speed when i run the Chicago Marathon on October 9th 2012.

Laurie is not on a juice fast. She is transitioning into 100% raw vegan diet which will begin Sept 1st, 2012 and will continue till at least October 1st, 2012.

Follow our progress as we acquire the best health possible.

stay happy and healthy
and remember to eat/drink your fruit!


nanay miriam says:

Sing more laurie! Love it!

MC Fructose says:

Thank you!!! You got to eat more calories than that! You should be eating at least 2500, if not more. i know you said you're bed ridden and you probably don't exert that much energy. But 80lbs doesn't sound healthy unless your a child or a very short person. I hope you get well and THRIVE! Good Luck and blessings to you as well!

MC Fructose says:

Thank you for sharing your story, i can't imagine being bed ridden for 2 years. you must be very strong. I wish i had more room in my tiny apartment to have guests stay with me. Life is sooo amazing, and beautiful to throw it all away. Remember, "this too shall pass" and suicide is a permanent solution to a Temporary problem. Stay strong, be healthy and love life. (Laurie is an amazing singer! She is a classically trained vocalist and I play guitar for the background music on most of our videos)

Samantha Cook says:

You both make me smile and you are such an amazing singer!!!!!! I can only manage to make myself 2 juices a day and mash up some fruit. I am down to 80 lbs……Hugs & blessings to you both. Someday I will be well and you both inspire me

Samantha Cook says:

I love you guys! I am bed ridden and fighting all kinds of auto immune illnesses and on my own. It's been 2 plus years in bed…in horrific pain……I am all alone. I wish I could stay at a place like yours……I know I would heal faster……I pray for that type of miracle every minute of every day! I know god has a plan for me….I think about taking my life but I could never do it……I love life to much…..I will never give up and I will pray,pray,pray. You are an amazing singer !!!

MC Fructose says:

Loving the juice! If anyone is attempting a juice fast right now, we should be friends. Its super important to have a community of supportive people while transitioning into a plant based diet. thanks for all the likes! Please subscribe to follow my progress!

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