I LOST 15 POUNDS IN 7 DAYS || lose weight fast || EGG DIET // Cat Rowan

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Hiiiii, I’m Cat, im 17 and i like food. I’m new to youtube so leave some love !

I felt a little chubby so i did the egg diet and lost 15 pounds.

The quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to quickly get the body you desire and deserve!!!

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Insta : https://www.instagram.com/cattrowan/
twitter : https://twitter.com/catpurshouse


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Cat Rowan says:

I just wanted to say that this diet is a really unhealthy way of loosing weight. It is a starvation mode diet and you loose a lot of weight, but you will most likely gain it back if you go back to eating normally. I, myself, will never ever do this diet again because it was not worth it. Now it’s up to you what you want to put your body through. Thankyou!

kayler m. says:

when she said: ).(
and i said: ( . )

black roses says:

Eww who puts milk in there eggs 💀 and butter

Yandé Faye says:

I started today and I want to track it
Day 1:✅ I’m not hungry at all 🤷🏾‍♀️ I do some sport at the same time . Everything is fine 😊for the moment

Sophia Stewart says:

At 1:50 when she was having her lunch it was 12:47 and it's 12:47 and I'm about to have my lunch!!!

pia hayek says:

hey can i eat anything with 166 calories instead of oatmeal? like can i eat some fitness cornflakes?

Kailyn Paauwe says:

Than worked so well! I lost 3 lbs the first day

Liana P says:

shes so cute n funny i love it

cookkyys BANANAMILK says:

I want to do this but I have to go get my Japanese matcha soy first at 7 leaves, it would’ve been waste not using the full finished stamp right?!

ani Love.00 says:

looool honestly you didnt have to even do the whole egg thing this diet would of worked if you eat anything as long as it was 900 cal. no matter what you will lose weight bc its calories in vs calories out, but obviously it cant be unhealthy foods

anneliese says:

hey! i love your video i’ve been seeing great results but i need help. so my mom is sending me to summer camp. and i don’t know what to eat for lunch to not mess up that diet

Iqra Ali says:

You did this withOut any excersize??? OMG

Gatchastrawberry Kawaii says:

I tried this diet for 5 days and I didn’t lose weight 😭

ליאל אדגואיצ׳או says:

I’m gonna try this guys. Wish me luck 🤞 Day one: my mom made me cookies and I didn’t eat😢 but it’s going well💪

Carmen Llanos says:

I dont have a some berries. What the best i replace its to other fruits?

Hannah Powell says:

Is anyone actually taking the shark tank keto pills on ketosisbreakthrough.com ?

Marlee Harrell says:

Has anyone been seeing results with the shark tank keto pills on ketosisbreakthrough.com ?

Elaine Becker says:

If anyone is struggling to lose weight try drinking more water and adding the ketosis pills from ketosisbreakthrough.com

Lily Hamilton says:

So thankful that I found these keto pills on ketosisbreakthrough.com they have made a world of differnce for me

Kaleigh Barnes says:

Down 47 pounds in 3 months all thanks to the keto pills I found on ketosisbreakthrough.com

Mylifeasolga 22 says:

For this diet should I workout every day or should I just make this diet without workout …??please answer I wanna to know

madison walton says:

I have that muggggg

nounii101 says:

I started today!
Day1: 62.6KGs
I ate one boiled egg.. i ddnt have time to eat anything more for breakfast.
I will update you daily on my weight. !
Day 2: 61.1KGS

RylieCarlson says:

hey y’all btw it’s mostly water weight you loose bc your not having very many carbs so your body doesn’t need to store as much water to process them

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