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Hello fambam kablam! ^^

So during the first 2 weeks of July, Sarah and I decided to put the egg diet to the test! 😀
So far I did gain back 1 kg of all the weight I lost, but other than that I am managing to keep the weight off ^^
I must say though I still do have 3 boiled eggs for breakfast and 3 boiled eggs and an apple for lunch, but what’s changed is I eat a lot more for dinner but I still haven’t gained more than 1 kg back.

Please comment down below your experiences or what you want to see next guys! 😀 Love you all and ttyl! ^^


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pugdogdogdog says:

I tried this diet for a few months (I'd lose control and binge, gaining it all back instantly and then restarting) and it really messed up my health. Before I started, I would feel relatively okay but after this diet, I'm dizzy a lot of the time, I get nauseous on trains and vehicles easier than I used to, my head will spin when I stand up or move too quickly. It's been months since I last did this diet and I'm eating food with more macronutrients now but I'm still suffering from the effects. As for the weight I lost? I gained it all back and now I weigh more than when I started (trying to lose it the healthy way now). You can't lose 1kg of fat in one day, it's likely just water weight. When you restrict calories like that suddenly, you will lose a ton of weight at first but it's only for a short while. Then when you eat normally again, all the water weight will come back. I wouldn't recommend doing this diet for more than 5 days. It isn't some magical food combination that melts fats, the thing that makes you shed the weight so quickly is the low sodium and calories such that your body doesn't retain as much water. So to anyone who may be wanting to try this out, don't do it! At most only do it maybe once a week while eating normal healthy foods the rest of the week. Trust me, you may feel the side effects like I do and it'll probably make you feel super sick of eating eggs and apples.

Hamieza Hanif says:

Well in my experience, if youre practicing this diet or any diet, you HAVE TO DRINK A LOT OF PLAIN WATER.. Its not just the water based on the meal plan. Ive tried diet but when I dont drink a lot of plain water it will cause me dizzy as well.. and Ive tried this diet, drink a lot of water Ive lost weight and feel energetic plus i work out as well.. I guess different people have different body tho.. just sharing 💕

Izzat Li says:

Cuba jogging setiap hari 2km dlm sebulan, mesti kurus 😬

Arsalan Abro says:

I have been checking diet plans, though i have started working out but still want to lose quickly. Well by far i found your video to be the best and most honest one here. I was concerned that I might feel tired because normally, i eat alot and get more hot like you said you had pimples. So now am wondering that should i try this or let it lose gradually?

Sad Boy says:

That’s not a diet that’s starving those diets don’t deserve being called diets you gained all the weight back fast you just have to eat healthy and do lots of sports you can even eat unhealthy food just not every day also in a good diet you don’t feel hunger because if you always hungry in a diet you end up binge eating

Aly De Guzman says:

Is it required to drink green tea? Cause I'm not really a tea lover

Indominus Rex says:

This is a weird question, but how are the farts on this diet? Every time i eat eggs my farts always stink so i was wondering how they are on this diet?? Worse? Or not??

chl xxx says:

i hate apples

z a i r a says:

I did this diet and lost 6kg in 6 days and felt energetic and good. I then started slowly to eat normal and I never gained it back 🤷‍♀️but I guess everyone has a diffident body after all.

YaGirl Kk says:

What r 10 kg in pounds?

Beowulf says:

You're beautiful !

The. j Pink says:

I know how you feel. ..the worst😣

Rahsan Jani113 says:

So I wanna ask you, I hope you reply that comments, you say you must diet with a green tea but in Indonesia actually in Borneo find green tea is so hard so if I change with jasmine tea that same or not ??

amylea azizan says:

I tried this one 2 years ago..i lost 5kgs in 4 days.. my first day i lost 1.4kgs..and then i stop for a while.. and do this 1 day per week..and lost 8kgs all together in the same month the tip is you have to be strict. And no cheating even a lil. Probably it was slightly easier cuz i do yearly fasting ( muslim month of ramadan) but i am definitely happy that this diet actually works

Pink Rose says:

Te pareces mucho a el chico que hace de otani en el live action de Lovely complex

Acacia Sharay says:

Maybe try taking iron pills if you are getting dizzy all of a sudden when you move fast. It helped me a lot 😊

Wode China says:

6 boiled egg a day is bad

Muhammad Yusuf says:

Lempar no wa oww ka fans sekali sama kaka

common killjoy says:

Too much cholesterol damn

Kim Hana says:

Wth i lose 3kg ONLY in 1 week

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