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How to lose 1 kg in 1 day!

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Hi! My name is Tyen. I live in Singapore. I am a fitness trainer, bodybuilder, musician and full-time university student. I started making workout videos to help my friends and family get fitter, and to answer questions I frequently get asked. I make videos about my personal bodybuilding journey, lifestyle, travel, school, work, music, food, family, friends, relationships, dating, and other stuff for fun.

I also enjoy making story time videos (because I know cardio can get a bit boring, lol)

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Tessa Boom says:

Can you juist keep eating everything you normally eat?

Tessa Boom says:

Hoe many of these excersises? Love youu😍😍

Nimo Hade says:

I try it did not work

Medha Mukherjee says:

I'll try these tomorrow at the gym for sure

TheCrazySwedishBanana says:

Hey you reading this! Leave a comment on my comment!

sarang-miko says:

video starts at 2:03
workout starts at 4:24

Shahad Ali says:

Video starts at 2:05

alyzhart says:

I'm 43kg and only 12 years old. Also my height is 1.43m, so I guess I have to lose weight?

aqua msp says:

Omg this works !!!!!

Hadia s says:

But how many of each of the exercises do you do?

Rhealee Sander says:

Who else has been eating Cheetos in there bed while watching like fifty of these videos😂

Maureen Antoun says:

I exercise with my mouth. No one will be able to take away my precious food

Katheryn G. says:

has no one noticed the guy in the background at the end of the video………. ;-;


Omg I tried this and I got results sooo fasttt I weigh 141.4 ibis and when I weighed myself I was 136.9!! So happy and right in time for schoool!!

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