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Hey guys! I’m back with a one week (and a few days) update!

Thank you for everyone who sent me their well wishes and visited me in the hospital. I am recovering fairly well as far as I know. I will be back to update you guys on my one month surgeversary .

For any questions or business inquiries: thedrunktruth@outlook.com

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Lisa Gpmzalez says:

What is the app for your medication/vitamins??

cofaux says:

This is helpful…are you in NYC?

Gina J. says:

I felt the same way, I could drink a lot of fluids but as soon as I tried something semi soft I can only due 2-3 ounces. The baby utensils will help once you start adding other foods. Also artificial sugars cause gas, cramps and nausea. I would switch to stevia if you could handle the taste.

Punzy says:

ThAnk you for this video ..

Pikachu says:

I don't know if any of this is allowed. But I have a great protein shake recipe.

Chocolate milk + a spoon of peanut butter + the protein powder = the greatest tasting protein shake ever.puff

S S says:

Yay I've been waiting on this! So thankful for your videos πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I just got the call from my surgeons office saying they sent all my info to the insurance so I'm just waiting for the approval now πŸ™‚

Maria Sierra says:

the lactose intolerant comment…. I'm offended lmao

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