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Did you know that since three decades obesity has been on an exponential rise, According to a research conducted by WHO it has already doubled up in the recent times from 15% to 30%
In the fast growing global trends, fast food has taken over the world. Not only has it impaired our mind, it also has been one of the major causes of Obesity and due to insufficient time, exercise is also a distant dream, causing an exponential peak in obesity. Do you not agree?
Let’s learn how to prepare these concoctions!
One amongst the most fiber rich seeds are the chia, two tablespoons of chia seeds that amounts to 10 grams as a dosage, is around 40 percent of recommended daily intake. Eating 30 grams of fiber daily will help you lose a lot of weight.
Lemon juice, consists of citric acid that is proven to boost the metabolic activity of the body. It is recommended to have lemon juice with warm water.
Honey has glutathione, which is an key antioxidant for detoxification of the body and thereby helps in quick slimming of the body.
Add one spoon of chia seeds in a glass of water and leave it overnight, as they are water loving seeds they absorb all the water.
As the seeds absorb a lot of water, they form a thick mucilage, to this add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. It intensifies the fiber absorbed by the body
Mix the solution well, making sure you dissolve the honey and lemon juice extract properly, this high fiber drink will help you in trimming down the stubborn fat cells in your body
Try this concoction to notice the change in your dress size, 3 days and you will see monumental change to begin with. No exercise or No diet just this drink and you will see the desired change in your weight.

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