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Check ouy my 2013 Makeup Collection http://youtu.be/xEyOK9wKaog
Here are my 5 favorite MAC purple lippies and my 5 favorite drugstore purple lippies for women on color. I’ve swatched them on my lips to give you a better idea of the finish and color payoff. If you’re not a WOC, don’t worry I think that several of the lipsticks featured in this video would compliment any skin tone.

MAC lipsticks shown in this vid:
Seductive Intent (Mattene)
Goes And Goes (Pro Longwear)
Strong Woman (Matte)
Heroine (Matte)
Rebel (Satin)

Drugstore lipsticks shown in this vid:
Covergirl “Divine”
Revlon “Violet Frenzy”
Wet & Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy”
Maybelline Vivid “Hot Plum”
Maybelline Vivid “Brazen Berry”

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nichole j says:

I love the reviews for different lip colors for us rich dark skin girls. New Subscriber!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

I agree. Lol.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

I'd say try some lilac or milky purples. Get drugstore products at first so you can return them if you don't care for them. Try Covergirl Divine and Revlon Sassy Mauve.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks for the info! I'll check it out!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Brazen Berry looks good on everyone! At least IMO. Lol.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks so much for watching! I'm glad you fond it helpful!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Girl it's NEVER too late for cute lippies! Lol.

jazyaka says:

this was really great as I have been looking for a purple lipstick. thanks so much.

tblacgirl says:

Great video!! I'm loving the Maybeline Vivid Brazen Berry I got it yesterday at Rite-Aid. Bought two of them and it looks great. Couldn't find it at Walmart but they are still on the website..

Maria Fein says:

I am pretty much light but i have good tan! can u help me… what would u suggest

PrettyPRChick TV says:

I think you'd look nice in berries, pinks and nudes.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Oh ok. But I'm not rich.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Good suggestion!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

The seller's name is 770plusme

PrettyPRChick TV says:

The vid has been posted.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

It depends on who you ask. Lol

PrettyPRChick TV says:

I'm honestly not sure. I don't use it. If you have some face primer just rub a little on your lips.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

I recently found out. Thanks.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks! I'm still getting the hang of it.

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks for watching!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Glad to hear it!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks for watching!

PrettyPRChick TV says:

Thanks so much!!

Knarr Julian says:

You have nice lips :-*

Michelle Bordner says:

Loved all of your lipsticks.

Krogman Rog says:

Jealous much.

Aoki Alk says:

Have you ever tried Kaior lipsticks?

Slama Am says:

Great videos.

Forand Juli says:

Makeup hoarding is a sickness.

Speece Rick says:

What do you do for work??

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