A FUN GRWM W/ Tarte Sea Eyeshadow Palette & Mac LIPSTICKS & Some Laughs

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Ok, let’s have ourselves a nice, casual GRWM and escape from all the madness. ;). I hope you enjoy this, and the new makeup of mine. ;). NOT to mention I show ya a new Toni Brattin Pixie Wig I have yet to do a Wig Chat about!

Tarte SEA Eyeshadow Palette

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Clara says:

Really enjoyed this video Jill your hair is getting so long! Are you sure you couldn't go without a wig this summer? 💖❤️💖

Prairie Girl Lifestyle says:

This has been very fun and relaxing to watch. I love Paul Lynn! I used to intimidate him too. I really enjoy your videos and Channel. I’ve been in Arizona all winter with no trips to a salon. My gray hairs are really showing. I’m going to get my wigs out and play with them. They’ve been sitting on my shelf. Your wig chats have inspired me to wear them and possibly buy a Tony Brattin wig.

Diane R-D says:

Ansolutely, Jill, you and the other wig sisters have given me something 2 look forward 2 instead of the current issue. Thanks 2 all who brighten my day. Diane🙄

Pam Hamilton says:

I can tell u have lost weight w/ Keto. CONGRATULATIONS ♥️ You have always been beautiful.

Jane Swigart says:

Hi Jill, another great video.! I wanted to suggest you research collagen for your nails. I’m following Keto also, and that’s when my hair started to thin and get quite fragile, so I discovered the wonderful world of wigs, Since taking collagen I have seen great improvement in my skin (which you don’t need, yours is beautiful), and my hair has stopped falling out like it was, but I’ve seen definite improvement in the strength of my nails. I take one scoop every morning in my coffee. Just a thought!

Jackie Marsh says:

I'm Loving This Video!! Enjoyed The Chat Sooo Much!! You Are Such a Sweet Beautiful Lady!! I Literally Love This One On You!! Just Gorgeous!! Thank You Soo Much For a Wonderful Video!!!

Nichole Dodson says:

Hi Jill. "I've not been drinking, but I have a little whisky thing in the glass". Love your channel. Thank you for all that you do.

Brett Nine says:

Jill, you look beautiful. I had to laugh with the glasses – it is me, all the time. Thank you for bringing us some respite in these dark days. Keep well. 🙂

Shelley Carlson says:

Thank you Jill for keeping on keeping on and not talking much about CV. I LOVE your tutorials! Who am I kidding, I watch every video you put out.💙😘💐

Judy Briggs says:

Have you heard of Maskcara brand ? It's cream and super light. I'm new to wigs and just got my unfiltered from Raquel's line.

angela searls says:

Like the peach lipstick and love the wig on you

Sandra G. McAlister says:

Thanks Jill, everyone is kinda down right now shall i say alittle on the edge, so I'm really enjoying your videos, you can make me laugh, so thank you and you're just a joy to watch. As for as Toni's wigs, I'm loving everyone that you have shown, however when i watch her on QVC i personally think your color is the prettiest of all the shades. I don't know if the models that's showing the other colors know how to fix the wigs or not, but to me they just don't look as pretty….but anyway I'm still really considering ordering one. You're eyeshadow palette that you used today looks very similar to Smash box palette that i have on order, can't wait until it gets here. Stay safe and looking forward to your next videos!! Hug Lyla Mae for me!! 💕

devorah ohayon says:

Your hilarious and keep it so real!! Definitely an escape from reality .. thank you 🙏

CallMeMo says:

Thanks for the giggles! Another good neckline on that blouse. Not gonna go shopping for " fast play" or " faux" 😆
Thanks for all the good info! You are making 50 the new 35!

Sharron Cooke says:

Hi Jill. Thanks for all your tips! New viewer and now waiting on my new Toni Brattin Wig. Just a quick question on a suggestion made by another youtube blogger, who had recommended using Amorall Protectant (sprayed onto the palms of your hands) and rubbed directly and gently through the wig (after cleaning it in Woolite and allowing it to dry). Her comment was that it was a game changer for her and it offers protection and brings the wig back to life! I know! Kinda makes sense though. After going to the Armorall site and having a read I think she have something. Any thoughts?

Rita K says:

Another darling Toni wig! I’m thrilled you found her brand! Like I’ve told you before, I have had Toni wigs for many years and love them too. I also love Tarte and have that same eye palette! You look darling!🥰

Janet G. says:

you are so fun to watch…

marylfab says:

Jill you always make me laugh! I love watching you! Thanks for continuing to put out videos during this time ❤

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