LUSH Cosmetics Wash Cards

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I enjoy reviewing and making demos for LUSH Cosmetics. I’m always buying new items so there will be different & exciting videos each week!

Today I’m talking about a few of LUSH’s Wash Cards:

All Good Things
Cardamom Coffee
I’m Home

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Music by Kevin MacLeod “EDM Detection Mode”
Footage shot on Nikon D7000 & iPhone 8+
Intro green screen transitions by DailyVintage


Morgan Carmichael says:

Are you going to do a Christmas video? I have been rewatching lots of your videos and I still love them. Im sure you remember the email I sent you a few years ago. Well, since then my partner has become a manager at his catering job and we're doing pretty well. And I have like 793722 times more Lush in my life than I did before 😂 lots of snow fairy since it's the holidays (I LOVE the body conditioner, the shower gel smells like straight bubblegum to me but the body conditioner smells like a marshmallow pudding or something) but next year I'm going to make sure to get lots of rose jam stuff. It's incredible having these smells in my life again after going years washing myself with an outdoor hose and expired hotel soaps. I hope to see a video soon 😊

Sadie Kelley says:

“Sounds like an anti-itch cream to me” lmao I love it!!!

Guacamole Tester says:

Love your videos! Just got a ton of lush in the mail!

NakedAndLaughing says:

Just wanted to let you know, at Kohl's they have a Saguaro pillow that made me think of you. It's from Lauren Conrad – blech and super cute.

Lunar 1s says:

They r pointless like for real

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