Lactose intolerance – baby eczema and colic

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What is triggering my baby’s eczema? Could it be a lactose intolerance? Time shall tell …



Daniel Wallace says:

You'll be able to cure eczema by eradicating its root cause forever from now on – Even when you've suffered for years.

hayleypoppet says:

Con.. Stopped bf as you would more than likely gave to anyway, the way you can sort of tell the difference between the 2 intolerances though is with milk protein out bodies are allergic therefor can not absorb any of it so therefor would not gain weight etc but with lactose out bodies do absorb it, it's what's left behind that causes the problem, also blood in stools is a sign of milk protein, it's a long process in finding what's best for our bodies. Hope this helps anyone trying to figure out

hayleypoppet says:

Milk protein allergy & lactose intolerance are 2 completely different things, we are going through this with our 6 week old son he's had a positive lactose intolerance test & been put on lactose free formula he then in two weeks if symptoms don't clear up will have to have blood tests to see if he also has a milk protein allergy, what a lot of ignorant people don't realise is that human milk also has lactose in so take no notice of the comments suggesting you are a terrible mother because you

heaven1va says:

My 3 month old has a milk allergy and eczema.

xoxazurixox says:

@srn1962 (cont.) Of course, no harm done, if you didn't mean your comment the way it came across to me 🙂

xoxazurixox says:

@srn1962 Well, clearly nature intended it for calves, but many people do consume dairy products. Wrong or right, it's part of many cultures. I do think it's the cause of many people's ailments. I'm just trying to figure out what's best for my son and I. Also, what exactly you're trying to tell me? You may not have meant it that way, but CAPITALS and excalmation marks mean you are shouting. Are you shouting at me and if so, why? Do you have kids with a similar problem, if so, what did you do?

stephen norfleet says:

Cow's milk is NOT meant for human consumption!

xoxazurixox says:

@ThePJmommy I'm sure your ped. knows best, but (ah yes there is always a but, and yes, they are the professionals not us) but, if you feel it's the milk I'd keep an eye on that and how it develops if I were you. How old is your son (if I remember rightly he's still quite young)? What did he say about the oats? Have you started wheat yet? Aparently (I read today at least) that milk and wheat are the biggest culprits when it comes to eczema breakouts due to food. Thanks! You are a great mum!!! xox

ThePJmommy says:

Just back from my ped. I asked him flat out if my son's eczema had to do with milk/lactose intolerance, and he said NO. I look forward to seeing if you see a difference. Sometimes mom's DO know best. My little guy didn't have colic but does have a nasty case of Eczema. Good luck and keep us posted. You're a great MOM 🙂

xoxazurixox says:

@ljewkes You would so know if you had a colicky baby. I do walk quite a bit, but really need to start working out again. It's so not fair that men can gorge themselves and stay super slim. My hubbies family is really skinny and make me feel HUGE 🙁 I can do thin, but have to work so hard to get there. The lactose thing is also abou feeling better – I'm fed up of cramps and bloated belly. Thanks for checking in and hope you're ok :)) xox

xoxazurixox says:

@jenniferstewart100 Thanks :))

jenniferstewart100 says:

Hope everything gets better soon!

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