Almond Oil | Eczema Treatment, Dark Circles Removal & Eyelash Growth

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Almond oil has numerous incredible health and beauty benefits.
Here are step by step instructions on the different ways I use 100% natural sweet almond oil daily. In my opinion, sweet almond oil is a MUST HAVE health and beauty product that has changed my life!

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Almond Oil
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Thao Huynh says:

Have you ever used almond oil for treating your eye bags? It's amazing!!

Blu says:

Sweet, I'll try this. If my dark circles can get even slightly lighter, I'll be happy.

Iliedith Galicia says:

About to buy this and drench my body in it lol

Cristopher Bartlebaugh says:

Best beard oil. Bar none.

Texanboiii says:

THANK YOU!!! I’ve tried everything for years now for my dark circles. Finally something works!! 😭

Maricyl Gervacio says:

Yes true i apply whole face because have many dry skin now totaly happy its gone…

Fahad Sarwar says:

hi i am from pakistan i had dark circles all my life since 2018 i started massaging my dark circles with almond oil and now its completely gone…. and also my hairs are now much thicker with shine…

Emiko H says:

Will this cause me to break out ? I have acne prone skin

Regina Hanson says:

This oil is awesome for moisturizing the eye are. And I also use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows. ♡

La Dolce Vita says:

You said the same thing about the Castor oil

Landa Tiz says:

Does it have a sweet smell? I’ve purchased a different brand before and smells good, sweet scent. Wondering if the now brand is the same so I can buy

Some Girl says:

I also strongly recommend coconut oil. It did wonders for my skin and under my eyes. My friend said it looked like my skin was just glowing. My acne went away and my skin was so soft.

Kash Kuku says:

Pleaaase the music in the first 3 second of the video 🙁 please what is it ?

Ifafunke Oladigbolu says:

You’re a fantastic presenter, very charismatic and beautiful

Andreea Luca says:

Very helpful!! Thank you 🤗🤗

Mama Moore says:

I've shared your information with others now sit back and watch you numbers go up. Have a bless day. And thanks I'll be watching for more videos young lady

Mama Moore says:

Thanks for explaining this video in detail. I will try as well. What can I use to remove facial hair ?

medlprnt says:

Sweetie pie, thank you so much! My daughter is about your age and having the same issues. I had forgotten about this oil my grandmother used in me as a child. This was perfect information at the perfect time!😘😘😘

Leena Florus says:

Does it really work? I’m really insecure about my dark circles and mine look worse because i have hallow under eyes

Muhammad Yasir says:

I am trying it but it makes my eyes puffy and i can feel watery eyes. Is it may be im using too much ?

loveinlife44 says:

Thank you so much .Have a Bless day

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