Tips to Combat ECZEMA on DARK SKIN + My CURRENT Body Products

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Aneisha Andrus says:

Thank you so much for this information. Many of my family members suffer with eczema including my 11 year old daughter. ❤

anita J says:

Is there anything you can take from the inside that will get rid of the eczema? I have eczema all over my body to the point where is is now spreading on my hands and my feet and it has now lead me to cry and feel very down most of the time

FancyNancy64 Ms. Newyork says:

Thank you so much on your video. My daughter has eczema really bad. She had a horrible break out about 2 years ago when she enter the 6th grade. It took her eyebrows out. and the hair thinned in the back of her head. Like you, she lost her hair in one patch really bad. But now I am realizing that she loses hair all over every year around spring time. Her skin it so patching with dark scars and she is really down about it. You know that she is a teen (14) and she is trying to become more girly girly and wear tank tops, mid drifts and shorts, now that it is summer, but she is scared on her shoulders, her back, her arms and leg and spots on her face. She is now wearing makeup to try and hide scars on the face. She suffers from depression and anxiety and her skin issues are not helping. I will try the black African soap products you mentioned. I also am suffering from Psoriasis on my hands and ankles. So these products may help with my issues as well. Thank you for sharing.

Laurie Alvaro says:

I have excma I am waiting for my light box approval from cascade eye and skin care in gig harbor I 've been going to gig harbor for light box treatment for one minute but doctor Allison wants me to use the heat box 3 times a week but I can't because of my job so Julio and doctor Allison are working on getting me a light box

ejatu bah says:

Thanks 🙏🏽 you my dear beautiful 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍🏼

Vampirastico Gamer says:

My own right-hand was infected with a bad skin allergy for 6 months and I been to several skin experts to take care of the skin problem but with no success. However right after wanting to employ this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) that was proposed with a pal of mine, final results were spectacular. A couple of weeks had gone and my rashes had been gone also. .

luipou says:

I uncovered this particular eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) two winters ago when I was experiencing a particularly dreadful eczema outbreak in the wrists. Dryness, discomfort and redness were felt through out my very own hands and wrists. The manual is a miracle that truly is effective. I was not out of the hassle of wrapping my hands and wrists, thanks for this guidebook. I encourage it.. .

Martili Freeman says:

I was going through a troublesome allergy under my eye. Later to learn that it’s currently an eyelid eczema. I recognized the health problem has somewhat reduced in the morning just after applying this specific eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). I am extremely pleased to report, it persisted to enhance and soon after A couple weeks of use, I definitely feel pretty positive that it is very relieved.. .


I've had it for 3 years and I have a mild version. My breakouts consist of dry itchy skin that turns into bumps if I scratch. I use the Dudu Osun African black soap all over my body. Jergens lotion for extremely dry skin mixed with hemp seed oil(this works). I also use a turmeric soap which helps with the dark spots left behind

MsFit says:

Smh you're about to save my Life damnit!!!! There's only so many times you can wear a sweater in summer to cover your eczema before you pass out for heat exhaustion..

Liddie Evans says:

Me and my son

Dottie Williams says:


Mr Miah says:

Can you help me please

Cloutianaa says:

I have them but they’re light and dry

Bangtan Bois says:

You helped me so much thank you. I’ve had eczema since I was born and and I have scars all over my body and I can barley wear anything thing so this really helped me and for once I felt that I wasn’t the only one dealing with severe eczema. My whole body bleeds all the time and my scars are really really dark and I’m so insecure about I’m literally crying right now 😂 I nearly gave up thank you soooo much 🖤

Magdalene Ryderfera says:

Within Two times of using this skin rashes guidebook “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it), I’ve viewed satisfying benefits already. These previous months I have got this particular disease and also been applying prescribed steroid products however have not remedied the thing that is pestering me up to the point I tried out this unique manual. I am feeling much better right now. .

Julia Gаna says:

Since I was in my teens, I currently have this particular eczema, even after I reached my Twenty years of living I still have this eczema. The situation still continued immediately after talking to many dermatologists and also utilizing diverse recommended products and solutions which have only a temporary effect. The last choice would consider eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). In a month of making use of the guidebook, my condition had remedied and never ever had this breakouts once again for decades presently. .

Real Tuff says:

I'm glad I ran across your video. I have black skin too and now it's really black from eczema. I've never had eczema before in my life so I am totally baffled by this. Love your video and I will take your advice too! What do you think about Shea butter or coco butter? And Black seed oil? Thanks for sharing. Sam

Black Rose says:

Omg thank you so much 😀

Jennifer Richard says:

Thank you ! Will try !

vanesa mundele says:

Thank you so much

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