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The long-awaited Q&A and update is here. Thank you so much for sending in all your questions.

Eczema and hyperpigmentation are two things that regularly go hand in hand. When eczema heals it usually leaves behind dar patches and marks which I feel is more visible as a black female.

Hyperpigmentation is something that many females feel very self-conscious about but I briefly discuss what I feel the keys are to getting your skin back to normal as well as show you in real time what my skin, eczema and hyperpigmentation look like currently.

I hope you enjoy this video. Please share with anyone you feel may need it and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already.

Already looking forward to seeing you all next week!






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I.Love.Burpees. says:

Hi 👋🏻. I was hoping to get the answer by listening to this video as I asked you via instagram. Maybe you missed out on that one. Basically what I asked was about Topical Steroids. As you probably know loads of people with eczema freak out and do anything which may work for their eczema. There is a trap or more seriously a danger awaiting for people especially with skin problems. I mean here the steroid creams. I wish you have mentioned that just to make people aware that steroid creams are the trap. Everyone goes doctors with hope they can get something to stop this bloody condition but what they get is TS which may be working well at the beginning but this really does not help your body at all. I’m the person who has been using TS for around 15 years on and off and I’m the victim of all this bullshit which pretty much every doctor prescribes for your skin. I’ve been free of steroids for over 3 years and my healing journey is still going on. Still loads to heal but I can see the light. The process I’m going through is called Topical Steroid Withdrawal and it’s something you can imagine as your healing process looks similar to it therefore I did ask you a question if you were using any steroid creams in the past and if you had and withdrawal symptoms. Please if you could make an awareness about it as all eczema people can be a victim of this trap which is hell.
Much appreciated

R. Kelly says:

Clicking off yours taking to long to get to the pointe

Maya Lofton says:

I've never had eczema on the palms of my hands but I've got it really really bad on the backs of my hands this year and it is just now clearing up and it was really embarrassing and I wore nothing but long sleeves to cover my hands

Maya Lofton says:

I've had eczema my whole life since I was born and I get it on my neck and my arms and sometimes on my legs and I get rid of it with a prescribed cream called hydrocortisone cream and I would wrap my arms in plastic wrap and it's really effective.

Sulayka Leah says:

I just need to said thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

Annette Daniel says:

Hello everyone,
Has anyone skin changed color as a result of their eczema. If so, what did you use to resolve this problem.

thisandthat says:

very smart young lady. Please everyone run from drugs.

Gaming Coolio dude says:

I was wondering if I could only cut out dairy and not meat will it have the same healing effects as cutting out meat as well ??

Ashley Taylor says:

Do you still eat tree nuts ?

marcus betts says:

Great information beautiful, you help so many ^((((

Jane Evbenaye says:

HEY,im 14 and have been struggling with eczema ever since i was 4 and have discolration on my neck ,armpits, in the middle of my arms ,back,stomach and the back of my legs. is there anything you could recommend for my skin discolouration? my mum said i should get a lighting product (bleach) and i don't want to do that is there anyway i can naturally remove it because i don't have money to be buying things online.Plz help it makes me extremely insecure.

sleepy gyal says:

I’m so glad I found this video and YOU, youre amazing. Eczema has stopped me from doing so much in life and I always thought I would be constricted to jeans and long sleeve shirts for the rest of my life. Thank you for this video, it was the evidence I needed to show it gets better. I’m done eating carbs, gluten and dairy starting now!

stikowsky says:

but if you cut out all the foods you mention, so you only eat vegetables, where do you get your energy?

Jemima Mima says:

What kind of diet are you on?

Shar Xvix says:

Have you seen the side effects of dupixent fuck that

D williamson says:

I am absolutely happy for you, your skin cleared up amazingly and its come along way. I hope it clears up completely but your glowing all the same 🙂

Myiah Miller says:

Your skin is absolutely beautiful 💛Thanks so much for sharing this💛

Pamela Chatman says:

Dream cream is love ❤️ and the charity pot helps in the winter. For whatever reason it doesn’t do well in the winter. The love for these products anyway. Also, there’s a body wash by lush that’s called oaty creamy dream is great too.

Rackel Lebon says:

I suffered with eczema for over a year for the itching I put raw apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and it took away the itching

Marel24ww says:

Just wondering does eating chicken makes your eczema worse?


This literally might have just changed my life

omraz 786 says:

Great vid what nutritional deficiencies did u have when u had exzcema did u get tested?

Hailey Moll says:

My eczema is just like yours!! Thank you for making this video. You’re motivating me to really change my diet. I’ve always wanted to, but this video is exactly what I needed.

Nina A says:

Aveeno eczema therapy has helped me

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