$115 DETOX SCALP TREATMENT for dry scalp & hair growth

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In this video, I got a $115 organic, detox scalp treatment to treat my dry, flaky scalp and dead hair! I went to Blow Me Away Organic Salon & Head Spa in Beverly Hills and met with their scalp specialist who analyzed my scalp under a microscope!

I got too see how dry, damaged and inflamed my scalp was. Luckily, I then got a luxurious scalp treatment to detox and rejeuvinate my scalp. This would help prevent dry, flakiness and itchiness and promote hair growth.

I learned so much about scalp health and why it’s so important for hair growth and overall health!

AND I finally cut my hair after SO LONG and got highlights to brighten up my roots.

I absolutely LOVED the way my head felt afterwards and how my hair turned out. I am 100% making this a part of my regular self-care routine!

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