Help Treating Baby Eczema – The Journey Before & After

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It is heartbreaking to see a baby suffering from severe eczema. Their red, irritated skin rashes and insatiable urge to itch keep babies from sleeping at night, making them (and their parents and caregivers) miserable all day! Treatments are challengings and at times almost seem to make the baby’s eczema worse. Some Dermatologists prescribe steroids for severe eczema but they are very dangerous for infant skin. Finding the right treatment is a task in trial and error for even for the most qualified pediatric dermatologists and allergists. Unfortunately what may work for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another. And sometimes what was working no longer works for some eczema children. Bleach baths, greasy emollients, and wet wrapping are all part of the regimen.

Enter Soothems a revolutionary breakthrough in eczema treatments. Soothems treat both the body and the mind – healing both simultaneously. Soothems are made from an environmentally sustainable, OEKO-tex certified, special temperature regulating TENCEL fibers that are embedded with a safe, highly effective biopolymer called Chitosan, that is FDA approved for human consumption and so fast acting that it is used by the US military to help heal battlefield wounds and control the spread of bacteria. Soothems also has added zinc oxide in the fabric – the same anti-inflammatory, an antiseptic mineral compound that calms itchiness and is used to treat sensitive skin problems like diaper rash. Soothems functions are permanent and cannot wash or wear out through the life of the garment. Super soft Soothems help treat moderate to severe eczema by soothing irritated skin relieving the itch, clearing the rashes and healing the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Less Itch, More Smile!


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