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Hey y’all! Today I’m sharing my DIY Dry itchy scalp pre poo treatment! This is a must and game changer. This also helps with my eczema. I hope that this video was helpful. Thanks for watching! Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! ❤️

🌸low porosity
🌸hair type- healthy

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Styl Propr! says:

Thank you for the tip, hope it works for me!

rokline says:

I got little patches of eczema and also dealt with it applying this eczema guide “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it). I discovered great results utilizing the manual and later on made use of it to mend the eczema impacted parts of the face and it was useful. I have not been thrilled with just how my skin appears to be. It feels so terrific and also healthy. .

luipou says:

In the past Two winters, I had this rashes in the hands and fingers due to the skin outbreak. As a result of that I was able to uncover concerning this eczema guidebook “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it). My hands and wrists ended up red, itchy, very dry. The guidebook is a miracle that truly works. The manual rescued me from the inconvenience of putting ice packs to my very own palms. You need to make use of this. .

Mel Channel says:

Within just Two times of making use of this eczema guidebook “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it), I have personally witnessed worthwhile benefits currently. It is already been a couple of months since I obtained this specific health conditions, and I could say that this tutorial is far better compared to the prescribed steroid treatments I have employed.. .

DrizzLee says:

I`ve experienced eczema for almost all of my entire life; a few red patches in the sides of my elbows as well as legs. If my first few days of utilizing it, I can notice my skin flakes. There is certainly no longer redness quickly after working with this particular eczema guide “Kemcοzο Mυz” (Gοοgle it). After the 4th time of using the manual, I noticed the flakiness to be gone and also the afflicted spot now are remedied. .

Unique Flowers says:

What shampoo you use after you use the oil scalp treatment

Yeah I’m Ashley says:

Can you try exfoliating your scalp with a soft toothbrush and your oils?? I think that would make this treatment more effective. Just a suggestion from a new subscriber ✨

Healy Means says:

nice video – i like diy recipes.
i don't have dry/itchy scalp, but this can be a multi-purpose oil mix.
i may try it :0)

KornesiaLaShae says:

I need to try this my dandruff is terrible!
But your hair looks great 👍🏾 love 💕 the definition after the oil treatment

MzLadiiCap says:

I do the same but I add some V05 condish to mine. Thanks for sharing!! ❤❤

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